What happens if a game is canceled in a parlay

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Parlay bets are some of the most popular wagers in the betting community. This is because they allow betters to combine many different wagers into a single huge bet and offer big payouts as a result. However, they are also very risky since if just one bet in the selection loses, the entire wager is lost. 

But what happens if a game is canceled in a parlay? 

Reasons Why an Event Maybe Canceled

Game cancellations are not rare in sports. There are many different reasons why they happen. These include;

Adverse Weather Conditions

Bad weather is the biggest cause of cancellations. A rainstorm resulting in waterlogged pitches or snowstorms covering the entire pitch render games unplayable. If that happens, the scheduled game(s) will be postponed and rescheduled for a later date. 

Injury Crisis

Injuries are common in sports. But sometimes, they can be pretty overwhelming to the level that a team is experiencing an injury crisis. This happens when almost all the key players in the squad are out on injury. In this situation, the team may apply to the relevant body for the game to be postponed. 

Injuries also lead to cancellations in 1v1 games like tennis.  


Sports fans are already familiar with this situation, especially over the last two years. The pandemic made it that if several teammates contracted Covid, the game would be immediately postponed. 

Civil unrest

A big demonstration turned violent in the city hosting the event may also lead to the match being postponed.      

What Happens When a Game is Canceled in a Parlay Bet?

It depends on your sportsbook. But generally speaking, most sportsbooks won’t cancel your parlay along with the game. Instead, that particular selection will be removed from the bet. So, if you had a five-game parlay, it becomes a four-game parlay. 

This also means that the odds will be adjusted and the payout lowered to reflect the number of selections in the wager. 

If it’s a one-game parlay wager, the cancelation will void the bet. You won’t lose your entire one game parlay. Instead, the sportsbook will refund your bet amount.

How Are Odds Recalculated

Odds are recalculated when a game(s) in a parlay bet is/are canceled or postponed. The sportsbook will void the canceled match and calculate your new odds using the remaining games. 


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