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Betsperts Media & Technology Group provides a premium digital experience for sports consumers. We believe that sports are inherently social and that games are best enjoyed with a community of passionate fans. Further, Fantasy and sports betting allows viewers to have an additional commitment to a particular match, thereby increasing their enjoyment of that event. At our core, we strives to provide sports fans with top tier digital experiences through our communities, premium content, and industry leading insight and analytics

Betsperts Media & Technology Group is home to leading brands in the Fantasy, Dynasty, and sports betting ecosystem. Our brands include the Betsperts app,,, Fantasy Life App, 4for4 Fantasy Football, Dynasty League Football, and Bleacher Nation.

Betsperts was founded in 2018 with the goal of creating a place for sports bettors to connect and learn together. Since then we have expanded our reach to fantasy sports with the intention of creating one of the largest digital sports audiences in the US. Today we are home to leading brands, podcasts, and content producers and operate as one of the top affiliates in the market. We appreciate your interest in Betsperts and look forward to connecting with you.

Reid Rooney
Chief Executive Officer

About Betsperts

Finding credible advice on sports betting picks is difficult.
Betsperts allows you to find experts in every league, conference, division, and team. Each Betsperts displays their overall record, record by expertise, and their active picks. With thousands of Betsperts, you decide which users to follow.
In addition, Betsperts provides game stats and information on each matchup. Betsperts PRO gives you additional insight and analysis on every game.


The #1 Hub For Expert Sports Picks, Bet Tracking Wins and Losses, and Earning Money Based on Your Betting Expertise!

A free user gets access to view 15 different BETSPERT profiles a day, their own profile breakdown, stats and odds on each game, based on their BETSPERTISE, ability to make picks, follow other BETSPERTS, get notifications when their followed BETSPERTS submit picks, and much more. On top of all of that a paid subscriber gets unlimited daily profile views, access to the BETSPERT PRO page, BESTPERT PICKS page, and access to the user generated BREAKDOWNS along with all the other features of the site as well

The pro page is a categorical breakdown of how each of our BETSPERTS are picking in a particular game. Instead of the traditional percentage breakdown of how the general public is picking we break down the general public’s expertise and then how they are picking. This gives prepares you to make a more educated pick based off of the BETSPERTISE of our categories of users

The track picks page easily sorts every BETSPERT with a pick on the game. You are able to sort this page based of the BETSPERTISE of each user in categories as specific as a team level. This page will help you make a more educated pick based off specific users and their previous successes or failures.

No, BETSPERTS is not a place to place you bets. BETSPERTS is for sports gamblers to make picks, track records, and search for BETSPERT advice for upcoming games.

A BETSPERT is anyone who joins our site and starts to make their sports gambling picks. Each BETSPERT will have a public profile breaking down their BETSPERTISE in categories such as Sports, Bet Type, Conferences, Leagues, and even as granular as teams.

First and foremost, you get a breakdown of what types of bets and which sports, conferences, teams, etc. you are good at picking. It shows where you struggle and when you should go find some advice on By studying your history, you make better decisions on which games to bet in the future (via legal betting outlets). You can get paid… even if you’re a free user! At the end of each month and season we pay our top BETSPERTS a portion of our revenue in categories like Top BETSPERT overall, Top BETSPERT in NFL, NCAAF, etc. We will even pay our worst BETSPERTS overall so our users can fade those picks.

We use a real-time data that updates every few minutes and pulls the average odds from 11 of the top sportsbooks.


Please contact us by email at

Contact us by email at Please include the game, your pick(s), your profile, and a screenshot if you can. We will update it to the proper result.

This is the most confident pick a BETSPERT can make. While searching for the proper BETSPERTISE advice, seeing that a BETSPERT Locked a pick indicates the BETSPERT is extremely confident in the pick.

This gives BETSPERTS the opportunity to explain your reasoning for why you are making your pick. BETSPERTS with text or video breakdowns usually get more followers and it helps build your profile and personal brand on our site and in the sports gambling industry.

We focus on a BETSPERT’s BETSPERTISE rather than ROI. That being said, we still feel as though ROI is an important metric to show. To make it consistent every pick made counts for 1 unit. See the examples below: The White Sox have -110 odds to beat the Royals. If you make this pick 1 unit will register. If the White Sox win you will get +.91 to your ROI. If the White Sox lose you will get -1 to your ROI. nNotre Dame has -200 odds to beat Virginia Tech. If you make this pick 1 unit will register. If Notre Dame wins you get .5 added to your ROI. If Notre Dame loses then you will get -1 to your ROI. nIf in that same example you pick Virginia Tech +200 to win and they win you will get 2 added to your ROI, but if Virginia Tech loses you will still only have -1 taken from your ROI.

No that is not a mistake. Moneylines picks are often heavily favored in one direction. We don’t feel it is fair to include these picks in an overall record. We will include the picks in the ROI column to make sure these picks are accounted for.

We have minimums to qualify for each of the BETSPERT categories that are able to be filtered. When being ranked for top overall BETSPERTS (or all sports) a BETSPERT must have a minimum of 25 picks, an individual sport needs a minimum of 15 picks, a conference needs a minimum of 10 picks, a division (if there is one) needs a minimum of 7 picks, and an individual team needs a minimum of 5 picks.

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