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New Hampshire Sports Betting

New Hampshire went live as a legal betting state in December 2019. Before that, bets could only be placed through pari-mutuels, specifically on horse and greyhound races. Yet, in July 2019, Governor Chris Sununu signed a bill that opened the state to sports gambling.

The bill was specific in detailing that sports gambling could be offered online and at particular sites. Still, the market was shaken once Draft Kings popped into the scene. The giant sports betting provider negotiated a deal with the State Government to provide up to 51% of its gross gaming revenue for the exclusive rights to stand as the sole provider of online sports betting in the state.

Today, DraftKings remains the only provider of online sports betting in the state. The agreement between the state and the provider has been set at six years. For now, other sports betting providers will have to remain on the sideline as DraftKings dominates the New Hampshire market and begins to open new physical locations.

Top Legal New Hampshire Sports Betting Sites & Apps

1. DraftKings


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Launch date: December 2019
DraftKings Sportsbook, launched in New Hampshire in December 2019, lets you bet on many American and international sports. DraftKings Sportsbook offers many bet types that are exclusive to DraftKings like live, in-game betting, Sportsbook Pools, or Teasers+.

How we pick the best sports betting sites in New Hampshire

When selecting a new sports betting site in New Hampshire, there are a series of characteristics these sites should at least comply with offering users. We carefully review all of them before reaching a conclusion.

  • Availability: make sure that the sportsbook of your choice is always available and legal within state boundaries.
  • User interface: all provider’s digital platforms are well supported and fully functional at the time of access. These services should always remain running and operating for users to always have full access to a digital offer.
  • Betting promotions and codes: users can measure a provider’s overall attention to customers and care when being offered promotions and codes when opening an account. However, promotions should not be limited to new users only, and various loyalty programs should also stand as available for more recurrent users to take advantage of.
  • Gaming offer: online betting sites should lay out an exciting and thus ample selection of gaming alternatives for all users to engage.
  • Security: online gaming providers should always have top-notch built-in security measures that guarantee all players can place wagers and bets with no evident concern on how safe the provider’s site is.

How to start betting in New Hampshire

As in other states where sports betting is legal, several steps must be followed to start betting in New Hampshire. The following steps outline how to start betting in the state:

  • The first step always involves selecting a specific online betting site. Given that DraftKings is the only online sports betting provider, access their site and follow the steps to open an account.
  • Before giving all information to sign up for an account, it’s recommended that all users check for any bonuses and promotions that may apply. Make sure to have those promo codes before signing up for a new account.
  • According to the New Hampshire state legislation, all bettors must be at least 18 years old to place a wager. All users need to make sure that they comply with basic requirements before opening a betting account.
  • Once users are ready to open an account, they can head to DraftKings’ main site or app. There will be a series of requirements which will range among the following details:
  1. Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Address
  4. Email
  5. Last four digits of the Social Security Number
  6. Geolocation Check
  • All users are recommended to double-check that all their requirements are submitted properly. This is to avoid any rejection to opening an account with their online provider.
  • Once all their information is checked, users will receive a confirmation that they are now able to access all sites and start playing in their wagers.

Users need to keep in mind that a similar security and ID check is expected to be performed at any physical location. That is why all bettors are recommended to have similar information and ID details at hand in case they approach any of the sports betting provider’s available physical locations. Before placing a bet, users need to make sure they have their credentials running on the online betting provider’s site. They also need to make sure that their accounts are properly funded. To do so, bettors can opt for any of the following deposit methods:

Once a user’s account has been funded, bettors can now browse through their provider’s site to find their favorite sports and start wagering. It’s always recommended that users proceed to verify all specific terms and conditions, as well as steps, before placing any bets on any specific spirits. These will tend to range from one sportsbook to another. In the case of New Hampshire, DraftKings has all this information available at their site.

Benefits of betting online in New Hampshire

There are evident benefits of betting in the state of New Hampshire. First, given that there is currently just one betting provider in the entire state, the whole process of picking a sportsbook is automatically simplified. Some might see this as a disadvantage, yet, given that the only sports betting provider in the state is DraftKings, most experts have overturned this argument. DraftKings is one of the largest gaming and betting providers in the country. 

Their service offer is not only top-notch, yet they are one of the most reliable companies in the market. By opening new accounts, all players and bettors will have instant access to promotions and codes available to their online betting provider. These are usually offered when signing up for an account. Make sure you look for these promos and codes before going through the entire registration process. DraftKings is also well known for its loyalty and VIP betting programs. 

Make sure to read what requirements need to be met to become a loyal member to gain ample gaming and betting benefits. Finally, all betting operations in the state are tightly regulated and overseen by the New Hampshire Lottery Commission. Given that this is the main regulatory body in the state, all providers that comply with requirements enacted by the New Hampshire Lottery Commission are more than legitimate and legal to operate within state boundaries.

Most popular sports to bet on in New Hampshire

There is an ample array of sports that fans, players, and bettors can all consider as part of their service offer available in the state of New Hampshire. Among some of the most prominent sports selections, as well as leagues, offered at the state are the following:

  • NFL
  • NCAA football, basketball and baseball
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • (UFC)
  • Boxing
  • Tennis
  • Motorsports (including Formula 1, Rally and NASCAR)
  • Soccer (MLS, Premier League, and other European variants)
  • Golf (as well as major PGA and international tournaments)

As in most states, American football, basketball and baseball range among the top betting alternatives for New Hampshire locals. Still, there is an ample selection of gaming alternatives all fans and bettors can opt for in the state of New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Sports teams to bet on

One of the most interesting particularities of New Hampshire is that there are no major professional sporting teams in the state. This means that most fans seek other major sporting teams in surrounding areas. Although there are restrictions in place, the state has not yet allowed betting on in-state college teams. Although these regulations are still applicable today, experts predict that these laws might soon change as they continue to be adapted to the betting offer provided at the state. It’s still worth considering what some of the most prominent NCAA athletic programs are in the state. These might soon become viable options for bettors to consider. The most prominent collegiate teams in the state are:

  • Southern New Hampshire Penmen from Manchester
  • New England College Pilgrims from Henniker
  • New Hampshire Wildcats from Durham
  • Dartmouth Greens from Hanover
  • Plymouth State Panthers

Among some of the top professional teams that local New Hampshire bettors have considered on placing wagers are some of the most favorite squads in the nation. Given the state’s geographical proximity to Maine and Massachusetts, many bettors have adopted some of the top professional teams in these states as their prime alternatives. The top NFL franchise favored by New Hampshire bettors is the New England Patriots. Most MLB bets have also favored the Boston Red Sox and on the range of basketball squads, the Boston Celtics have topped the charts as well. Among other team selections favored by the state are the:

  • Boston Bruins
  • Connecticut Sun
  • New England Revolution
  • New England Black Wolves

Given that there are no major professional sports in the state, no sports betting partnerships have yet developed between sportsbooks and different franchises in the state. However, most expect this panorama to gradually increase in case new betting providers flood the state market. This might lead to some providers knocking on the doors of local collegiate New Hampshire teams.

Other Sporting Events in New Hampshire to bet on

Given that there are no major professional sports franchises in the state of New Hampshire, most major sporting events take place outside of the state boundaries. Most bettors will stay on top of regular NFL, MLB, and NBA games, as well as any other NCAA sporting events. Some of these will include regular-season games, pot season qualifiers, championship games, and major events such as the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, and the MLB world series. 

State bettors continue to look to other nearby states for major sports betting alternatives. Up to some point, horseracing events and even some college sporting events were prominent in the state. Yet, these have not been covered by sports betting providers given all restrictions and regulations imposed by state legislature,

Sports Betting Mistakes to Avoid in New Hampshire

There are a series of mistakes that all bettors want to avoid as they approach betting in the state of New Hampshire.

Providing fake Identity Information

Most states require all sports betting providers to carefully screen and filter their users to validate that they comply with a series of aspects that are necessary to place wagers within state boundaries. If any piece of information submitted is inaccurate or is flagged by the sportsbook, users and bettors could be potentially harmed by not being able to comply with any of these requirements. This means that the sportsbook could potentially ban all users from ever signing up for the supplier’s service. 

If so, that means that currently, given that there is only one major sport betting supplier in the state, fans and bettors could lose all wagering benefits if they don’t properly comply with everything that is required. That is why all users are recommended to carefully review all terms and conditions set by the gaming provider. They are also recommended to review all submitted information thoroughly and carefully.

Miss Out on Promos and Discounts

Most promotions and discounts are offered in the first stages when users open an account. Bettors and users are recommended to roughly check that they have identified all applicable promos and codes linked to opening a new online betting account. Most providers, such as DraftKings, will tend to make these offers obvious throughout the entire signing-up process. Still, make sure to research for any additional benefits of opening an account with a given provider of their choice.

Researching for Other Sports Betting Providers

It’s quite normal for all bettors to thoroughly research how the state market looks before signing up for a specific online sports betting provider. So far, this would be considered a waste of time in the state of New Hampshire. Given the way the state government approached the inclusion and legalization of sports betting, there is just one sole gaming provider for all state residents. Instead of researching how the market looks, most experts recommend researching more about DraftKings and the extent of their offer in the state. This will allow all players, fans, and bettors to get a better picture of what is to be expected to work with one of the most prominent online sports betting companies in the country.

New Hampshire Sports betting site promotions

DraftKings offers new users a series of bonuses and promotions as they open their new accounts. Bettors are recommended to thoroughly check what their most favorable alternative might be. These bonuses and promotions will tend to range from receiving anywhere from $100 to $500 on credit in users’ first bets. Their promos range from 10% to 20% of the original value of the deposit, with a max of $500. Once again, all users are recommended to check all applicable promos that can be opted for now of opening an account.


One of the simplest forms of sports betting selections and types is the moneyline. It all starts with picking one’s favorite squad to win. Negative moneylines will tend to favor the top team to take the match; positive money lines will tend to lean over to the underdog. Make sure to carefully review how moneylines are arranged to make the best available pick.

Point Spread

The point spread refers to the margin of victory or the difference between the winning and losing bets against the Spread (ATS). The bettor can wager on a specific difference between the winning and losing scores, and against the spread. Here, bettors are recommended to review the performance of each team before placing a wager on any specific point difference.


Also referred to as the Over/Under, totals will allow bettors to wager on the margin of difference in points a team will win or lose. Once again, bettors are highly advised to check the performance of both squads before making such a specific bet.


These are some of the amplest betting options any sporting event can offer. Bettors can bet on specific games, as well as who the lead point scorer in the league will be by the end of the season. Here, bettors are recommended to make their pick of their favorite prop bet and carefully research all data and states linked to these specific bets.

Live Sports Betting

These will allow bettors to make the most of every minute of sporting activities as they stay tuned to their top events. Here bettors are also recommended to check patterns and trends to better predict the outcome of potential plays carried out in each game,


Parlays are the types of bets which are linked to a series of wagers in the hopes of accurately predicting a series of results. Parlays are some of the most popular options in the sports betting world, given that although the odds are always against bettors, small bets can lead to highly profitable earnings.

New Hampshire Sports Betting Law

The history of sports betting in New Hampshire is quite ample and distinct. In July of 2019, sports betting became legal in New Hampshire. Governor Chris Sununu signed the sports betting measure into law after it was passed by the New Hampshire House of Representatives. The story of betting in the state goes back to 1906. It was in that year when Rockingham Park opened, and it became a place for underground betting. 

It only lasted a few days, yet it was the first-ever record of gambling operations being shut down and prohibited in the state In 1933, a bill was passed in the state, legalizing pari-mutuel and charitable betting. These were only applicable to betting on horse and greyhound races. In 1963, the state legalized lottery operations. That made New Hampshire the first state to legalize this practice in the US. In 2012, horse racing began to decay in terms of popularity and attention. 

It wasn’t until 2019 that the bill on opening the state to legalized sports was reviewed and finally passed. However, the terms of the agreement give DraftKings a dominant position as the only provider of the service. As of today, the New Hampshire Lottery Commission continues to regulate all related matters to sports gambling and betting. To most experts in the industry, the state organization is reliable and commits to pushing all gaming providers to thoroughly comply with all legal requirements established by the state legislature.

Yes. All sports betting activities are legal within the state boundaries of New Hampshire. Still, so far, the only provider of the service is DraftKings. Yet, the provider has committed to comply with all regulatory measures imposed by the state legislature.

The New Hampshire Lottery Commission is the organization in charge of overseeing all aspects related to gambling and sports betting within state boundaries.

DraftKings has placed multiple online platforms which can be reached through users’ mobile devices and desktops. They have also worked on placing new physical locations. Among the most prominent are:

DraftKings at The Brook Casino in Seabrook
Filotimo Casino & Restaurant in Manchester
Filotimo Casino & Restaurant in Dover

Yes. Users may access DraftKings online platform services either through its website or through one of the most modern and user-friendly mobile apps available.

To legally bet on sports in the state of New Hampshire, all users must be at least 18 years old. All new users will be required to go through a verification process to confirm their age and identity.

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