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The National Football League (NFL) offers exciting betting action to accompany its immense entertainment value. For 18 weeks every year, handicappers all over the country place wagers across 272 games. As for the biggest bets of the year, these are reserved for the top event in the American sports calendar; The Super Bowl.

But before we get too deep into the world of NFL betting, we need to understand the odds.

How to get the best NFL odds

Good odds equal good wins. Follow these tips to find the best odds;

1.Assess the probability before looking at the odds

This strategy works best if you’re a big NFL fan who knows their teams. Before you look at the odds, assess the probability of either team winning the game. Then, use your conclusion as a reference point to look for odds. You’ll find the best value since your decision won’t be influenced by looking at the odds first.

2.Bet early

Sportsbooks release their odds early. However, as the game approaches, they tend to change their odds due to new information and to influence betting decisions. Smart handicappers know this and usually bet before these changes occur. This ensures that they wager using the best odds.

3.Shop around

Different sportsbooks have different odds. So, to get the best possible odds, it’s essential that you shop around and compare odds from various sportsbooks. This is the easiest way to find the best NFL betting odds.

NFL Odds explained: how to read NFL odds

There are several types of NFL odds. To read them, you need to understand one basic premise; the underdog has positive (+) odds, while the favorite has negative (-) odds.

NFL Moneylines

Moneyline odds are the most common in betting. They are used in simple winner/loser wagers. And in American markets, they are usually based on $100. This makes them pretty easy to read and understand.

Take a playoff match between Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles:


Moneyline odds

Kansas City Chiefs


Philadelphia Eagles


Since Kansas Chiefs are the favorites, you need a $120 wager to win $100 if they win. On the other hand, the Philadelphia Eagles are the underdogs. Backing them with a $100 bet will bring you winnings of $130 if they win.

NFL Point Spreads

Point spread odds show the oddsmaker’s expected point difference between two teams in an NFL match. The favorite team must win by more than the point difference to cover the spread. Similarly, the underdog must not lose by more than the point spread to cover it.

Kansas City Chiefs


Philadelphia Eagles


For example, if you decide to bank Kansas City Chiefs, they need to cover the spread for you to win the bet. They must win by at least 3.5 points (essentially 4, since scoring half a point is impossible). On the other hand, if you back the Philadelphia Eagles, they must win the game or lose by less than 3.5 points.

NFL Totals

A total bet is a wager on the total number of points to be scored in a single NFL game. Here, the odds represent a line set by the oddsmakers. It’s up to the bettor to decide whether they expect the points scored to exceed the line. This is why totals are also known as over/under odds.

Here’s what our playoff game’s odds will look like;

Over 45.5


Under 45.5


In this match, the totals line is set at 45.5. If you think there will be more points, you bet on over. But if you think otherwise, then under will do it for you.

NFL Prop Bets

Prop bets are wagers on specific events in an NFL match. These include who gets the most interceptions, who will be leading at the end of a particular period, which team will score the first/last point of the game, etc.

NFL Futures

Futures are wagers on outcomes of upcoming events in the NFL season. For instance, you can bet on which team will win the Superbowl or which player will be the league’s MVP. These odds can be some of the most exciting, with huge winnings as high as 50 to 1.

NFL Draft odds

Draft odds let you bet on the NFL draft process. For instance, you can bet on the first overall pick in the 2023 NFL draft. These odds are pretty favorable, starting at +200 for the favorite picks, all the way to +12500 for the least favorite.


Offensive Rockey of the Year (OROY) and Defensive Rockey of the Year (DROY) are awards given to the best offensive and defensive rookies. OROY and DROY odds have good potential winnings, ranging from 6 to 10 to 1 if you can get your predictions right.

NFL Picks and Predictions

The term “pick” in betting refers to a situation where there is no favorite team. NFL picks also refer to suggestions and predictions on certain events. These can be free or paid and are usually provided by an experienced handicapper, like those at Betsperts. Our NFL picks and predictions are backed with accurate stats and information, so you can be sure that they will hit more often than not.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NFL Line Movement?

Line movements refer to changes in betting lines. Sportsbooks usually make these adjustments to influence betting decisions among the public. NFL betting lines can also move due to new information on injuries, illness, and any other factors that may change the lineup.

When is the 2023 NFL Draft?

The 2023 NFL draft will take place on the 27th of April.

When and where is the Super Bowl for the 2022/2023 season?

The 2023 Super Bowl (LVII) is scheduled for 12th February, 2023. The game will be played at the State Farm in Glendale, Arizona.

How do NFL odds work?

The positive sign represents the underdog, while the negative sign shows the favorite. In moneyline odds, the bigger the positive number, the less likely the team backed by them will win. Similarly, the bigger the negative odds, the more likely the team will win.

Where can I bet legally on NFL games?

You can bet on NFL games on any sportsbook operating legally in the United States. Our top picks are BetMGM, Betrivers, Caesars, Draftkings, and FanDuel.


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How to read SuperBowl odds?

Super Bowl 57 is scheduled for April 2023. It may be more than ten months away, but there are already predictions on who will win the prestigious event. Reading these odds is relatively easy; you do so just like you would moneyline odds. The positive number represents your potential winnings for a $100 bet.

For instance, the Cowboys have +1400 odds. This would mean that a $100 bet gives you $1400 net profits.

How to read NFL Las Vegas odds?

The point spread is the most popular of NFL Vegas odds. Here, the favorite has a minus (-) sign, while the underdog has a positive (+). There is also the vig (vigorish), which represents the price the bettor pays to the sportsbook for making the wager.

What is the difference between Vegas NFL Odds and Online sports Betting Odds?

Not much. The only difference between them is that Vegas odds are prepared by sportsbooks operating in Las Vegas. In addition, these odds usually have rotation numbers, i.e., numbers that correspond to specific bets on the day’s betting board.