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NBA Betting

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Every NBA franchise plays 82 regular-season games in a normal season. This means there are plenty of opportunities on a daily basis for bettors to make intelligent picks and win money, as well as enjoy the encounters. It is a great idea to research the best online betting sites to wager on NBA games before you make a deposit.

The NBA, because of its intense and competitive 30-team league and a jam-packed season schedule, is one of the most popular sports for bettors to be involved in from mid-October to June. Online betting sites that cater to NBA bettors are very popular in the US. The NBA has such immense popularity in the US that it generates standalone hype in the US sports betting landscape.

Whether a regular-season game between the Portland Trail Blazers and the Miami Heat or a playoff elimination game, there are countless bettors trying to maximize their earnings by betting on a nightly basis.

Many prospective bettors look toward betting on NBA games to generate profits and entertainment betting. However, it is a good idea to choose a reputable NBA online betting site or sportsbook. The process of choosing a quality and reliable betting site for wagering on NBA games is not that complicated – if you know what to look for.

Top Legal NBA Betting Sites

Betting on NBA games is similar to betting on other popular professional sports. One has to keep tabs on current and ongoing team performances, look out for latest team and player trends and keep tabs on health – which has never been more important. Having a good wit is also helpful.

Apart from being up to date on a team’s ongoing performances, it is also advisable to be knowledgeable about their past performances. Additionally, keeping an eye out for their future predictions by oddsmakers and sporting experts is a plus.

In today’s betting industry, countless sportsbooks are offering their services to bettors looking to wager on NBA games. However, one must decide in favor of a betting site that suits their needs the best. For example, if one bettor wishes to place wagers on the NBA playoff games, they must sign up at a sportsbook that indeed covers the NBA playoff encounters.

Here, in no particular order, are the best betting sites for NBA games for US users:



4.9/5 Read Review

Competitive intro bonus

BetMGM is an online casino and sportsbook operator that strives to be the best in America. Entain and MGM Resorts created Bet MGM, which offers generous bonuses. It is now available in more than 10 states and counting and has rapidly become one of the most successful platforms in the US sports betting industry. BetMGM is now an approved partner of the NFL and MLB, NHL, NHL, MLS.



4.8/5 Read Review

Better odds than most sportsbooks

DraftKings was a popular brand for daily fantasy sports (DFS) in the US, before it entered the sports betting market. It is the most well-known sportsbook in all regulated states. It offers a wide range of betting options for both popular and less-popular sports. DraftKings offers a secure platform and a mobile betting app that allows bettors to remain connected no matter where they may be.



4.9/5 Read Review

Great promos & odds boosts

FanDuel has been the leading legal online betting operator in the US. Its extensive experience in DFS, as well as its user-friendly interface, wide variety of deposit and bet options, and marketing efforts have all contributed to this success.

Caesars Sportsbook


4.8/5 Read Review

Generous welcome bonus

Following the merger of Caesars Entertainment and William Hill in 2021, William Hill is now officially part of Caesars. Caesars Entertainment rebranded the sportsbook to better reflect its culture and history, and the result was Caesars Sportsbook. Even though it does not yet have a significant presence in the US, it is already making waves (and growing). It could rival the bigger books that have been in operation for many years.



4.7/5 Read Review

Best odds of any sportsbook

The BetRivers Sportsbook is one of America’s most trusted, respected and popular online sports betting websites. It is among the top-rated betting sites in Pennsylvania. It has grown beyond its home state to be fully operational in many other states.

How We Rate NBA Betting Sites

When deciding on which sites to recommend, we considered several factors that a bettor looks for in an online betting site. The most important factors that we took into consideration while researching for the best online betting sites are given below:

Withdrawal and Deposit Methods:

A sportsbook allowing the bettors to wager with real money is very important. A sportsbook that lacks this would not be recommended. The best and leading online betting sites for betting on NBA games allow bettors to pay with real-world money with accessible and popular payment methods to fund their sportsbook accounts.

The well-reputed sites allow bettors to fund their accounts with credit and debit cards, such as via American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa, as well as via e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller and PayPal. Classic methods such as via wire transfer and ACH are also seen in the leading sportsbooks, but not so much elsewhere.

Having fast and efficient methods to withdraw your winnings from your sportsbook account to real-world accounts is of utmost importance. The majority of the sites enable users to take out their winnings the same way they deposited funds to their accounts. This offers convenience and simplicity to the bettors.

Different payment methods demand differing periods to complete the transaction. They also carry different fees, which will be displayed on the sportsbook’s website.

Customer Service

Another very important aspect to consider when deciding to use an online betting site, customer service can make or break a users’ experience when betting on a sportsbook. Betting on sporting events is a very fast-paced task, and if a user runs into a problem, getting it solved via customer service as quickly as possible is important.

That is why the best and leading online sportsbooks put a lot of emphasis and focus on providing fast and efficient customer service to their users so the bettors can keep placing wagers and having fun with minimal interruptions and time lost.

The best sites normally have a live chat feature available to all customers 24/7, as well as responsive help via email and phone calls.

Apart from these, other factors influence how much a user prefers a certain sportsbook. One that stands out is the layout and interface of the website and mobile app. Some users want a good quality mobile betting experience. Others want to see an immersive theme of the website and application. Having good bonuses and rewards is also very important, and there’s a separate section on them later.

NBA Betting Options

Availability of signup offers:
There is significant variation when it comes to signup offers offered by various sportsbooks in the US sports betting landscape. A user should take all these signup offers’ pros and cons into account and decide on the best one for themselves when choosing their preferred NBA betting site.

It is always important to read the terms and conditions thoroughly and make sure to properly understand what is being said, as the technical talk by sportsbooks in these sections can be complex. Some of the most popular signup offers offered by NBA betting sites are:

Free Bets

The majority of the betting sites offering coverage of NBA games offer free bets to users in an attempt to entice them towards using their platform. Free bets are bets allocated to you free of cost that allow you to wager on any selected or pre-selected markets that don’t run the risk of you losing any of your own money. However, any winnings you may earn resulting from the free bet are yours.

They are a good way for a beginner bettor to break the ice and get into action. They also allow you to explore some sections of NBA bets you wouldn’t normally risk your money in, such as bets with unusually high odds.

Risk-Free Bets

They are similar to free bets in most ways. Risk-free bets allow users to be much more adventurous and ambitious when it comes to wagering on risky, high-odds bets. A risk-free wager is a wager that a sportsbook guarantees to refund to your account in the case it ends up on the losing site.

This enables you to test your luck in tricky waters, such as placing an ambitious bet that has risky odds.

Enhanced Odds

Enhanced odds are one of the most popular methods used by sportsbooks to entice new users to sign up and place wagers. Enhanced odds allow you to place bets that are pre-selected with improved odds, giving you a greater chance of winning. For instance, if the Miami Heats have +200 odds of winning the NBA Championship, a sportsbook may allow a new user enhanced odds of +1000, allowing the new user to earn significantly more money with the same bet.

Deposit-Match Bonus

Another popular method sportsbooks use to attract new customers on their platforms, a deposit match bonus, is a bonus in which a sportsbook matches the new users’ initial deposit in their sportsbook account with a certain percentage, up to a certain percentage maximum amount. For example, in a 100% deposit-match bonus up to $200, a sportsbook will match the same figure of a new users’ first deposit up to $200, doubling their money to play with.

There are several more methods that sportsbooks use to attract potential customers to their platform, as betting sites tend to be innovative in their approaches. However, these methods are some of the most popular and widely used ones.

NBA Betting Offers

Some sportsbooks offer users NBA-specific offers that relate to important NBA events, such as playoffs, hyped encounters, and opening day. These offers come in multiple forms of different bonuses, such as team performances and enhanced odds wagers.

Live Betting

Live betting is perhaps the most exciting and thrilling mode when wagering on NBA games. However, if a user is interested in live betting, they must make sure that the interface of the live betting section of the sportsbook is good and the sportsbook has good and sufficient data on display to help them make informed life decisions on their wagers.

Betting Lines & Odds

In addition to having various betting options, it is also important that a sportsbook offering NBA wagers has high-quality betting lines and odds. Every user wants to wager with the highest NBA lines and odds possible, and the leading sportsbooks are aware of that. Researching lines and odds for NBA games across various sportsbooks is a good idea, so one can decide to use a sportsbook that offers best-in-class odds.

Bonuses & Promo Codes

Every bettor looking to wager on NBA games via a sportsbook is on the lookout for enticing bonuses and rewards to make their betting experience even better and give them incentives. Sportsbooks offer different kinds of bonuses and rewards to entice their audience and engage with them. The majority of the betting sites offer welcome bonuses which match the new users’ initial deposit in some regard.

However, this matchup is only up to a small fraction or percentage of the initial deposit. These bonuses come with several terms and conditions that can be limiting for some users. For example, a sportsbook may offer a new user a welcome bonus of 100%, which applies to a maximum first deposit of $200. This will mean that if one deposits $150 to their account, the sportsbook will reward them an additional $150, giving them $300 to play with.

Additionally, there are plenty of promo codes that all major sportsbooks offer. These are a great offer if one knows how to take proper advantage of them. For example, BetUS offers a 150% crypto bonus as well as a popular 125% signup bonus. Bovada offers a great 100% bonus up to $1000 as well as a 125% Bitcoin bonus. It is always a great idea to check the sportsbooks’ website for promo code before you place your wager and take full advantage of it.

Despite there being countless NBA betting sites on the Internet, more users than ever are facing scams and frauds while betting on NBA lines online. As a result, it is understandable that bettors are full of concerns about the legitimacy and security of the betting sites they use to wager on NBA games. All the sites mentioned above are legitimate and officially licensed by regulators.

Legal NBA Betting Sites

Getting your head around the technicalities can be difficult, but the fact of the matter is, sports betting is not legal in every state. Nearly all states have considered legalizing sports betting at one point or another. For now, sports betting is legal in the following states:

Not all of these states offer online sports betting, though. For decades, the only legal form of sports betting was inside physical sportsbooks. However, with the expansion of the Internet, mobile betting has taken the industry by storm. The list of legal sports betting states – with both land-based and online operations – is going to change frequently in 2022.

How to Bet on NBA Online

There are several different ways a bettor can bet on NBA games and have fun while also earning money through an online sportsbook. The major ones are listed below:

Money Lines

Money Line bets are in which you bet on the outcome of a game, whether a team wins or loses. These bets are the simplest. Money Line bets are shown by a number greater than 100 carrying a + or – sign. The lowest number will represent the favorite in the game, while the other is the underdog.

Point Spreads

In Point Spreads betting, instead of betting on the winner or the loser of the game, you bet on the range of points a team will win or lose by. The team with the negative number must win by more than that number. The team with the positive number must win outright or lose by less than that number. To clarify further, supporting the Chicago Bulls at -5 implies a bettor believes the Bulls will win a game by at least 6 points. If the Bulls win by 5, books terms the bet a push – the equivalent of a tie between the sportsbook and the bettor.


One of the most interesting types of bets in sports betting, props are bets on events within a game such as Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant grabbing five rebounds against the Miami Heat, or Drake attending eight NBA games all season, or Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry having more points than Los Angeles Clippers forward Kawhi Leonard in the conference championship series finale.

Under/Over (Totals)

The bookmakers set a number of points for a team to score in a game. A bettor wagers whether that team will score over or under that amount.
Some Technical Terms:
Push: When the team scores exactly the number of points bookies specified in the totals bet. The bet is dissolved as if it never took place, and the bet is refunded.


The cut given to a sportsbook from every bet that takes place.

Dime Bet:

A bet with the value of $1.

Best Time to Bet on NBA Games

The best time to place your wager on NBA games is whenever you feel like you are getting the best value. The best strategy is to try and experiment and find what works best for you as an individual bettor. Some people prefer to wager the moment the lines are released, which allows them the original odds because the book has not done any balancing action. The odds are exactly what the bookmakers decided.

Some wait until the lineups are announced, which gives them a better idea of the strengths of each team. However, the lines are much tighter so close to the game. There is also live very thrilling betting, where you watch the game and study the data as you place real-time wagers.
It has the advantage of allowing you to see the action and how the teams or individuals are performing. The trick is finding whatever works best for you.

NBA Events to Bet On

The NBA is a very exciting league as it is highly intense, with each team having 82 games every season. The top seed from every division (total of 6 divisions) qualifies for playoffs automatically.

In contrast, the remaining playoff spots go to the next four highest-scoring teams in each division that didn’t win the division championship. 16 teams out of 30 make the playoffs every year. NBA matchups always have lots of bettors placing wagers on them, so understandably, the hype is even more when the playoffs come around.

Benefits of Betting on NBA Online

Betting on NBA games has its fair share of advantages compared to other sports because of its immense popularity, hype, and fan following.
Some of the main advantages are:


You only need a mobile device and a stable internet connection to wager on NBA games in the US. As the NBA is so popular, all major sportsbooks have offered high-quality mobile gaming for bettors looking to wager on NBA encounters.

Live Streaming

Most of the major sportsbooks and betting sites also offer live streams to ongoing NBA games. This gives you the best opportunity to place intelligent live bets and have more fun as well as enhance your earnings from betting on NBA games.

Large selection of promotions and offers: Again, due to the NBA’s popularity and mass audience, sportsbooks can offer better and more enticing promotions and bonuses to customers. You can take maximum advantage of the promotions and offers and make your betting experience even better.

Mobile Applications

Almost every major sportsbook has a mobile application nowadays. Due to the NBA’s large betting audience, these apps have a dedicated section for NBA bettors. This allows users even more enhanced convenience, accessibility, and immersion when betting on NBA games. In addition, the whole mobile betting experience is relatively better and more seamless when wagering on major leagues like the NBA.

NBA Betting Tips

  1. Teams are going to be less susceptible to cold streaks if they are usually more focused on points in the paint.
  2. Fatigue plays a huge role in a team’s performance. Tired rosters are likely to have worse odds. Look out for their schedule.
  3. If a team is deemed as the favorite by bookmakers on an away trip after a loss, the bookmakers still like the talent and ability of that team and are likely to perform well.
  4. Big teams are rarely underdogs in home games. Teams have a knack for covering the spreads when they are deemed underdogs in their home ground.
  5. Always look out for the lineups.

NBA Frequently Asked Questions

Check if a sportsbook is legal in your state. Go to the signup page and fill in the required spaces with relevant data. Follow the instructions shown on the sportsbooks’ website.

Look out for good odds and lines, as well as a good interface, live betting features, and attractive bonuses and promotions. However, most importantly, verify the site’s legitimacy and license.

DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM and Caesars Sportsbook are some of the most reputed ones for betting on NBA games.

Yes. The sites mentioned above are safe, legitimate, and licensed. However, it is advisable to verify a sportsbooks’ reputation and license yourself before you invest your money.

Various bonuses are offered by different sportsbooks, both to new and existing users. Check the specific sportsbooks’ website for details.

There are lots of different factors in play here. The size of the audience at a sportsbook plays a part, as a sportsbook with a larger audience can offer slightly better odds. Also, a book always balances itself after developments so it does not suffer any losses. This also ends up altering the odds.

Live wagering is a very exciting feature that is offered by most major sportsbooks. However, check the individual sportsbooks’ website to find out for sure.

Yes. All sportsbooks require users to sign up with their details and create an account before wagering on NBA games.

You can make all kinds of different bets, depending on the sportsbook. Popular options include money lines, totals, point spreads, and parlays, etc.

Consider things like Home court advantage, severe line moves, inflated lines, track line movement and knowing road dogs, etc.

Look at the odds offered by different sportsbooks that you trust and choose the best ones. Refer to each sportsbook for the odds.

Each site decides about integrating payment methods on its own. However, most major sites tend to accept credit and debit cards, popular e-wallets like PayPal and Skrill, and also wire transfers, Play+ cards and more. Refer to the individual sportsbook for further details.

Sometimes a sportsbook offers specific bonuses to players using the application to build the8ir mobile betting audience. However, bonuses are typically the same whether you play via the website or the application.