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NASCAR Betting Odds & Lines

NASCAR has been America’s favorite motorsport for ages. From relatively humble beginnings in the 40s, the sport has evolved into a behemoth in the American sports market. Today, NASCAR events attract approximately 100,000 fans per race, and that’s without counting the millions of fans watching from home.

Of course, there is another set of fans, who, on top of enjoying the action, are enjoying Nascar odds and betting lines. This is the group that makes decent money from their favorite motorsport. Interested in doing the same? Here’s your guide to understanding Nascar betting odds and lines.

How to read NASCAR vegas odds

There are various ways you can wager on NASCAR races. These include;

Futures Betting

Future bets will have you predict the future mid to long-term results of a driver or team. These types of bets are pretty risky. Thus NASCAR’s future odds typically have excellent potential payouts. For instance, you can wager on whether;

Kyle Busch will be the NASCAR all-star winner.
Hendrick Motorsports will finish with the most wins of the year.
Kyle Larson will win the NASCAR Cup Series Championship.

Outright Winner And Place Betting

These bets are for the immediate NASCAR cup series race, i.e., you back whichever driver you believe will win the weekend’s race. If predicting the winner is too hard, you might also wager on the finishing range of a driver, such as in the top three, top five, etc. This is known as place betting, and it takes away some of the risk associated with choosing an outright winner.

You’ll notice that outright winner odds are never negative, even for the favorite. This is because there are so many variables in a single NASCAR race that might affect the race’s outcome. On top of the many drivers competing, a vehicle may develop mechanical issues, or an accident that changes the direction of the race may occur. Thus, even favorite NASCAR drivers tend to have +300 odds to win.

However, place betting reduces the risk. So, you’ll start seeing negative odds. A driver with +300 odds to win might have -130 odds to finish in the top five. This means that you need a $130 place bet to win $100.

Head-to-Head Betting

This is a lot less risky than the other two NASCAR bets. Bettors wager on which of two specific drivers will finish above the other. Due to the reduced risk, odds are much lower and resemble what you would get in a moneyline. For example, if a sportsbook pits Chase Elliot and Ryan Blaney;

Chase Elliot


Ryan Blaney


Here, we have a clear favorite; Chase Elliot. If you back him, you’ll need a $130 wager to win $100. On the other hand, Ryan Blaney is the underdog. Thus, he has the more attractive odds; a $100 wager on his victory will win you $120.


Betting on NACAR races demands a fair bit of research.


Look at the track where the race is being held. Each track demands a different approach from the teams and drivers. This is due to the differences in length, width, and bankings of the track’s corners. Some drivers will fare better in certain tracks than in others, and NASCAR odds tend to reflect this.


Some teams just fare better than others. This is due to differences in resources and how long they have been competing in NASCAR races. Typically, larger, more experienced teams have the advantage in most races.


Of course, you wouldn’t wager on NASCAR bets without first looking at the drivers. Each racer has a unique skill set, experience, and driving style. Some are aggressive and skillful, while others are strategic. Whichever trait prevails over the other often depends on the team and track.

Where can I bet on NASCAR?

You can bet on NASCAR races on any legal online sportsbook. Those with the best odds include Caesars, Betrivers, DraftKings, BetMGM, and FanDuel.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of bets can I make on NASCAR races?

You can make future bets, head to head, outright winner, and place bets on NASCAR races.

What are other auto racing sports available to wager?

You can wager on IndyCar racing, WRC, Formula 1, Formula E, and MotoGP league, to name a few.

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