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What happens if a game is canceled in a parlay
Parlay bets are some of the most popular wagers in the betting community. This is because they allow betters to combine many different wagers into a single huge bet and offer big payouts as a result. However, they are also very risky since if just one bet in the selection loses, the entire wager is […]
What is an Octopus in Football
A guide to what is an octopus in football. What you need to know about the octopus in the NFL and sports betting.
What is an Even Money Bet: Sports Betting 101
A guide to what is an even money bet in sports gambling. What you need to know about making an even money wager.
What is a Lost Bet? Losing a Bet Explained for New Sports Bettors
Learn about the basics of losing bets in sports betting and how to minimize losing a bet with proper bankroll management and a well-thought-out betting plan.
Deep Dive: NFL Conference Championship Recap & Super Bowl LVII Early Lines
The Deep Dive crew's NFL Conference Championship Recap & Super Bowl LVII Early Lines
Caesars Sportsbook States: Where is it Legal
A look at where Caesars Sportsbook is live and legal. Where bettors can use the popular online sports betting site and app to place bets.
BetMGM States: Where is the Sportsbook Legal
A list of BetMGM states where the sportsbook is legal. A guide for those who want to start sports betting with BetMGM Sportsbook.
FanDuel States: Where the Sportsbook is Legal
A guide to FanDuel states where the sportsbook is legal and live. Looking at the number of states where FanDuel Sportsbook is available and accepting bets.
DraftKings States: Where is the Sportsbook Legal
A guide to the DraftKings states where the sportsbook is legal. Information for people looking to place a bet on sports with DraftKings Sportsbook.
What is a Future Bet
A look at what is a future bet and how to understand future odds. A guide for how to place a futures bet as you are learning more about sports betting.
Revealed: Most Common Zodiac Signs for the NFL, NBA, MLB & NHL
We’ve looked at the zodiac signs of every player across America’s four major sports to find out which zodiac signs are most likely to compete amongst the best of the best.
Sharps vs Squares Betting 101
A guide to sharps vs squares betting. Knowing what sharp and square bettors are as well as what category you fall in when sports betting.
Sharp Money Trackers in Sports Betting
A guide to understanding sharp money trackers in sports betting. How to identify sharp action when looking to place a wager and understanding public money, reverse line movement, and more.
What is Sharp Betting? Sharp Betting Explained
What makes a successful sports bettor?  Is it luck or intelligence? The average sports bettor may lean on the latter. These are sharp bettors.  Gambling 101: What are Sharp Bettors? There are many different types of bettors. But broadly speaking, they all fall under two categories; sharp or square.  How Are Sharp Bettors Defined? Sharp […]
Bankroll Management in Sports Betting
Money management is key in sports betting. Get accurate tips on bankroll management in sports betting as well as strategies and popular bankroll management systems.
What Is A Unit In Betting?
Once you get into betting, you quickly learn that knowing which bets to place is just as important as knowing how much to wager. How much you wager or stake is central to bankroll management and can determine how far you can stretch what you have or how quickly you will run dry. One common […]
How to Bet on Sports: Complete Beginners Guide
Betting has grown past the shunned taboo it was several decades ago. Today, it’s a billion-dollar legal industry that gives millions of sports fans a shot at making decent money. However, if you’re new to sports betting, or even your first time to bet on sports you might want to take a step back and […]
How to Bet on Golf
Learn the basics of golf betting and golf betting odds. Get ahead with the top golf betting tips, tricks strategies as well as what golf betting stats to know, the best tournaments to bet on and which are the best golf betting sites online.
Finishing Position Golf Bets
A finishing position golf bet is a sports wager in which you are betting where a particular golfer will finish in a golf tournament. Sportsbooks will have odds for many players competing in the tournament and if they will finish in the top 5, 10, 15, and so on. It's a common golf bet for PGA Tour events.
Dead Heat Rules: What Happens to My Bet?
A look at Dead Heat Rules in sports betting in events such as horse racing and golf.
What Does Buying Points Mean?
A guide looking at what does buying points mean in sports betting. Looking at how to buy points in sports betting as well as selling points.
What is a Risk-Free Bet Offer?
A sports betting guide to what is a risk-free bet at sportsbooks. Looking at what a risk-free bet is as a bet promotion. The advantage of risk-free bets as a sportsbook bonus and more.
College Football betting tips and guide for beginners
College football brings dozens of exciting prospects and lots of action on display. During fall and winter, diehard fans cheer on their favorite teams from home, sports bars, and stadiums. At the same time, seasoned sports bettors analyze matchups before placing wagers on whatever outcome they think is most likely. NCAAF betting for beginners The […]
Football betting tips and guide for beginners
Complete beginners guide to football betting. From betting on the NFL the top football betting tips and common football betting mistakes to avoid. Don't bet on football until you read this guide.
Sports Gambling 101: What is Live Betting?
In-game betting, or live betting, has taken off in recent years with the launch of more sportsbook apps for bettors to place a bet in the palm of their hands. So what is live betting? Sports bettors don’t need to visit a physical sportsbook and have the ability to bet a point spread, moneyline, total, […]
Straight Bets Explained
A guide to straight bets and how they work in sports betting.
Baseball Betting betting tips and guide for beginners
Read Our expert guide on how to bet on baseball. From Major League Baseball betting tips and strategy. Know the best way to bet on MLB games.
Understanding Betting Favorites in Sports Gambling
A guide to betting favorites in sports betting. How to read odds and see who is the favorite on an event and how much they are favored to win. Information on moneyline and spread favorites.
What is Run Line Betting?
Baseball’s version of the point spread is available to bettors courtesy of runline betting action. Much like betting the spread in football or basketball, the run line sets a handicap for the favorite and underdog in MLB betting. What is the Runline? The run line is similar to a point spread bet in other sports. […]
How to Bet on College Basketball
Learn how to bet on college basketball and win with this complete beginners guide to betting on the NCAAB.
Does An Over/Under Bet Include Overtime?
A guide to understanding does over/under include overtime. Totals are one of the most popular wagers at sportsbooks. Before placing bets, research whether the total score bet is graded at the end of regulation when a game goes into overtime.
Sports Betting: Over/Under Bets
A guide to an over/under bet and how it works. Understanding total bets at a sportsbook as you make wagers on NFL, NBA, and more games.
The Ultimate Guide to Betting Exchanges
A guide to sports betting exchanges. Information for sports bettors interested in looking at betting exchange sites instead of a traditional sportsbook.
A Push in Betting: Sports Gambling 101
A guide to understanding what is a push in betting. An explanation of how sometimes a sports bettor is refunded their money when betting on a result such as a point spread.
How to Bet on Soccer
Complete guide on how to bet on soccer including MLS and the Premier League. Learn about soccer odds, totals, props, tips and strategies.
Basketball Betting tips and guide for beginners
Basketball is one of the most popular sports for betting in the world as it mixes thrilling, fast-paced games with dynamic outcomes that offer interested parties a variety of potential wagers to make. While basketball is one of the simpler sports to bet on, there is a groundwork of knowledge that potential basketball sports bettors need to know. This complete beginners guide will teach you everything you need to get going with basketball betting.
Rollover in Betting: What it is and How it Works
A guide to what is rollover in betting. Understanding the requirements for a rollover bonus at a sportsbook, what betting rollover is, and what you need to bet before a bonus becomes active.
What is a prop bet?
A guide to prop bets in sports betting. Looking at what is a prop bet and how to place prop bets at sportsbooks.
What is juice in betting?
A guide to what is juice in betting. A breakdown for sports bettors looking to understand juice, vig, and more.
How Do Betting Odds Work?
A guide to how do betting odds work to help new bettors with understanding the formats and calculate how much money you would earn. Information on different types including American odds, fractional odds, and decimal odds.
How to Read Betting Lines: Sports Betting 101
Sports betting is growing in popularity worldwide, and with that growth comes an increase in the number of people looking to cash in on the action. When it comes to understanding sports betting odds, one of the first things you need to understand is how betting lines work. Here is some sports betting 101: Everything […]
Donate to Damar Hamlin’s “The Chasing M’s Foundation”
Donate to Damar Hamlin's "The Chasing M Foundation"
Warriors vs Pacers Prediction: Live Odds, Stats, History & Picks – Wednesday, December 14, 2022
The Golden State Warriors (14-14) visit the Indiana Pacers (14-14) on December 14, 2022 at Gainbridge Fieldhouse. The Warriors are favored, by 1.5 points, in a matchup featuring two of the league’s top shooters, the Warriors’ Stephen Curry and the Pacers’ Buddy Hield. Curry knocks down five 3-pointers per contest (first), and Hield makes 3.6 […]
Revealed: Best Premier League Zodiac Signs
Your zodiac sign can tell you a lot about your personality, as well as the different zodiac signs you’re most likely to get along with. While they can’t tell you whether your next sports bet is going to be a winner, we wanted to find out whether your star sign could affect your chances of […]
Revealed: Paige Spiranac’s Top Holiday Golf Gifts
We’re officially into the month of December meaning the holiday season has arrived! Everyone has a golfer or two in their life they are trying to find a gift for, and whether it’s a scratch golfer or a new player the right gift is out there for everyone! With the holiday season in full swing, […]
Blogger Bowl: College Football Conference Championship Week Preview
College Football Conference Championship Week Preview
Blogger Bowl: Rivalry Week Recap & Conference Championship Previews
College Football Rivalry Week Recap & Conference Championship Previews
Revealed: Country with the Most McDonald’s Restaurants
McDonald’s is one of the biggest fast-food chains in the world, so we wanted to find out which countries had the most McDonald’s restaurants. We’ve calculated the number of McDonald’s per 1 million people. What country has the most McDonald’s in the world? 1. United States – (39.2 McDonald’s restaurants per 1 million people) America […]

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