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Indiana Sports Betting

As part of a massive wave of states getting in on online sports betting, Indiana joined the group. It also has one of the most complete online and in-person sports betting services available in the US. There are a few exclusions on events available to bettors, but not many.

In 2019, the state opened its first retail locations in which bettors could go and begin to place their wagers legally. Only a month later, the online betting services made their appearance to consolidate Indiana as one of the best spots for sports betting and a very open market for users to choose from all of the sportsbooks available as of today.

Top Legal Indiana Sports Betting Sites & Apps

Indiana has a robust sports betting market that has continued to attract more attention. More growth is on its way, with additional online gaming options expected to be added in 2022 and 2023. A number of sportsbooks were quick to join the market in 2019, and more have arrived since then. Not all of them, though, provide a level of service that permits them to be included among the best.

1. FanDuel Sportsbook


4.9/5 Read Review

Bet $5, Get $200 in bonus bets if your bet WINS!

Overall, among the most well-known and trusted sites where users can participate in online sports betting, FanDuel has found a very comfortable spot at the top of the best service providers. It was founded in 2019, and with its humble beginnings, has grown to compete against big names. FanDuel competed so well that it rapidly became the leading company in the US sports betting industry. FanDuel currently has over 12 million registered users and is ranked along with the best to use for new and experienced users. It has a lot of different options for games and events that are available in the palm of your hand by using your smartphone or personal device where an Internet connection is available. This site is operated in partnership with Boyd Gaming, its Indiana casino partner. It offers a great variety of welcome bonuses and promotions that are available for new users.

2 DraftKings


4.8/5 Read Review

Get a $1,000 Deposit Bonus

DraftKings is one of the most popular and top-ranked sportsbooks currently. It all started in 2012 when they first started and since then have grown into being one of the most reliable, secure and trusted online sportsbooks in the US. As many sports fans may have watched commercials during their favorite event, DraftKings is one of the most common to come around since it is everywhere literally where sports betting is legal. This means it has everything and every type of bet worth playing for both beginners and experienced users.

3. BetRivers


4.7/5 Read Review

2nd Chance Bets ($100-$500)

Considered one of the best options to use for online sports betting, BetRivers has arrived in Indiana in 2019 in the middle of the NFL season. Since then, it has established itself in the state. This was all possible due to a very successful partnership with Rush Street Interactive and South Indiana’s French Lick Resort which also took part in the gigantic online sports betting site. It has plenty of sports betting options as well as coverage from a lot of events. It offers a wide selection of live betting options and very attractive odds for the users to make their picks. BetRivers also has some of the safest transactions and methods of payment to choose from with their very secure network, including Paypal and credit and debit cards. For many users, it is very important to keep their transactions as safe as possible, which is guaranteed at BetRivers as one of the most recommended.

4. BetMGM


4.9/5 Read Review

$1,500 First Bet Offer

A very big online sportsbook these days, BetMGM has its services available in Indiana as expected. It has been established strongly in the state. Like most other sites, the sportsbook launched in 2019 following the opening for sports betting. BetMGM was not left behind by positioning its online service as one of the most praised places for bettors to come in and place their bets. One of the special features that are available at BetMGM is the possibility to edit your bets, leaving behind the concept of standing by your picks. This works under certain requirements and other conditions related to the event and the bet. As long as the conditions are met, you should have no problem making your changes. Cashing out is very simple and easy to do, which is one of the favorite options for all users, for which it is a very fast and reliable site to make your bets and get paid accordingly.

5. Caesars


4.8/5 Read Review

$1,000 First Bet on Caesars

Caesars’ first online casino opened in New Jersey, before expanding to Pennsylvania. The company is now based in Indiana and will be offering its services and products to all players in states that allow online betting.

Caesars Online Sportsbook, Indiana launched in 2019. It offers ongoing promotions, excellent customer support, a wide range of sporting events, tons of bet types, and a reliable and solid user interface.

In addition to the Caesars name, William Hill customers are included under the company’s umbrella. Caesars purchased the UK sportsbook and kept its US-based operations, selling the rest. William Hill had a presence in the US, and its operations are being rebranded to reflect Caesars as the new owner.

Other Indiana Online Sports Betting Sites & Apps



Although perhaps not as recognizable as other online sports betting sites, Twinspires is one of the best options in Indiana. It has some of the longest experience in the business. After a period of changes and updates, BetAmerica rebranded to Twinspires Casino & Sports.

As well as other options, it offers signup bonuses and other promotions that are relevant to new users, including risk-free bets of up to $1,000. Live betting is enabled for users at Twinspires, but no streaming is available. This can cause some level of dissatisfaction among some of the users.

For mobile users, the sportsbook has a very safe app available, depending on your device. If you are an iOS user, it might get easier to download the app directly from the store, but if you have an Android device, this process may take a couple of extra steps since Google Play does not allow certain apps like this one.

theScore bet


Relatively new in the market, theScore is one of the latest sportsbooks in Indiana. This is another site that has partnered with the Ameristar Casino, which at the same time is operated at the physical location by Barstool.

This site just recently started out and it might need to build more reputation before being called one of the top in the state, although it brings a lot of great references being managed and supported by great operators.



Originally founded in 1997 in Europe, this sportsbook has now set place in Indiana to offer its service most recently. It has very interesting options and capabilities for users to take advantage of, but it might be offered very differently than the usual in the US.

One of these features is the Live Boost of the Week, which is a multiplier offered for certain leagues. A weekly parlay bonus is set for users depending on the number of teams that are placed in the parlay, and a very generous reward program for VIP users for their loyalty on the site.



The very recent sportsbook, wholly owned by Wynn Resorts, made its appearance in April 2021, expanding even more the options available in Indiana to continue to consolidate as one of the best spots for sports betting. Having the site just recently opened for business, still doesn’t have much experience with users. However, it looks to compete right from the start to offer a differentiated service from the rest. As of late January 2022, Wynn Resorts was looking to sell its Wynn Interactive iGaming arm, which would include WynnBet.

Online Sports Betting sites coming soon to Indiana


Backed up by one of the biggest networks in Fox Sports, making a partnership with an Indiana casino, it has arrived to take part in a share of the sports betting market. To mention some of its most relevant features, they have cash deposits via PayNearMe at 7-Eleven stores and even more options for cashing out.

How we pick the best sports betting sites in Indiana


Sports betting live

With so many options available in Indiana for online and in-person sports betting, one might get easily confused to make a decision as to which could be the best option according to what exactly a user is looking for when using either one. For this reason, there are many differences from each other that can attract bettors at all different levels of expertise.

For users that consider themselves beginners in the sports betting world, customer service and support might be among the best tools that are available to help them get started. They can answer any questions that arise related to a wager that has been placed or how different types of wagers work, for example.

This being said, for a more experienced user that already knows how most sportsbooks work and the services that they can offer, the most valuable point for them might be more related to pricing and odds, to show up as competitive as expected. All sites have their own focus and different types of incentives to both new users and existing players. The key is to find the one that fits your purpose more and begin having fun responsibly.

How to start betting in Indiana

One of the best ways to start is by making sure you have the right motivation and balance control to begin your sports betting journey in a way that after a game or a bet has been closed, either win or lose, and the user can move on to the next.

Having one of the easiest accesses in the US for all of the different types of online sports betting options, a user can get set up in a matter of minutes from one of the authorized sites where bettors can place their bets legally in the state of Indiana.

First, if a user would like to start creating an account online, ID and other information might be required to make sure that all the proper documentation can be reviewed and offer a safe experience when using online services.

If a user decides to use the land-based services instead at the casino, which is also another option that is available in Indiana, then the bettor would still need the ID and some cash to approach at the counter to get their tickets written and printed out along with the betting details as chosen.

How to place a sports bet in Indiana


Users that are interested in placing bets on different sports events in Indiana don’t need to jump through hoops to get started. They’re just a few “clicks” if using a computer (or “taps” if using a mobile device) away from getting their wagers placed from a variety of selections that are available from all different sports.

Once the account has been created online and all documentation has been verified to confirm your ID, all that a user needs to do is select from a robust list of different betting options for the games that are offered. All sportsbooks make it easy to find the information and to place wagers. Some even include additional statistical information inside the wager options to make better-informed bets.

Benefits of betting online in Indiana


There are many reasons why Indiana is considered one of the top places to go to if you like sports betting. At the moment, there are 10 different sites, all with different promos and incentives for bettors to begin placing their bets, including free-risk bets and signup credits that can be used to place their first bets on the account.

Being able to place a wager virtually anywhere, at any time, is a huge advantage. Online sports wagering in Indiana has succeeded because of its wide range of options and availability.

Most popular sports to bet on in Indiana


It’s safe to say that football remains one of the top sports on the list for bettors. It consistently ranks among the most-bet sports in the US. Basketball is high on the list, as well, with MLB, domestic and international soccer, tennis and golf also seeing a lot of action.

With the state being the home to the Indy 500, NASCAR betting is also popular. All of the sportsbooks in the state provide a wide range of lines and specialty markets, and bettors won’t be disappointed in what’s available.

Indiana Sports teams to bet on


There are many different teams that represent the state very strongly. In both football and basketball, the state has an extensive domestic following. Some of the most popular teams for Indiana are:

Indianapolis Colts – NFL
Indiana Pacers – NBA
Notre Dame – NCAA football and basketball
Indiana College – NCAA football and basketball
Other Sporting Events in Indiana to bet on
It is often not mentioned that motorsports such as NASCAR, with the most popular Indy 500 event, is one of the most expected sporting events overall guaranteed not being a major sport. All different online sports betting service providers offer a great variety of choices for this race as it is part of the sports that are available to bet on.

Sports Betting Mistakes to Avoid in Indiana

With so many choices, it is easy to get caught up in indecision after comparing all relevant points when choosing a site to place your bets on.

There are some mistakes bettors have made in the past, which can be used as learning tools for the future.

Don’t change the unit size

The most important discipline to be a successful sports bettor is money management. Changes in unit size due to how well or poorly bettors are doing can be very dangerous. If you are hot, don’t double down or take on more risk because you are too confident. If you are cold, don’t chase after it and try to get it all back in one go.

Consider flat betting


Instead, flat-betting should be adopted by all bettors. You will bet the same amount every game, and you’ll only risk 1% to 5% per play. A good middle is 3% per play. If you start with $100, each play is at risk of $3. Every play with $1,000 is worth $30.

Flat-betting will prevent bettors from going bankrupt if they are hit with a tough stretch. It will provide a positive Return of Investment (ROI) if done well.

Don’t react too strongly to recent trends

A team that has been winning four consecutive games or looked good in the last game will be attractive to novice bettors. If a team is currently on a losing streak of five games and has just lost 20 points, novice bettors may fade them.

This is a mistake. In the past, teams that win are undervalued. They know the public will be inclined to bet on them, so they adjust their lines accordingly.

Let’s say, for example, that the Kansas City Chiefs have just taken a 14-point win. While the oddsmakers may have predicted a Chiefs win, they are likely to open KC with a -7 or -8 opener. However, since most of the money will back the Chiefs, they will open KC at -7.5 or even -8. This actually offers less value to bettors.

On the opposite side, teams that have lost are often undervalued. The oddsmakers know that the public is willing to place a bet against the 49ers if they are coming off a 14-point loss. Instead of opening the team at +10, they open +0.5 or +11 for the next game. This gives sharp contrarian bettors more points and an inflated line value.

Avoid the Gambler’s Fallacy


Gambler’s Fallacy is the belief that if something happens more than usual in a certain time frame, it will likely happen less often in future. You might see a black number hit the last 10 roulette spins. The first thing you might think is to bet red on this because it hasn’t happened in a while.

This logic is flawed. Every spin is made independent of past spins. The same applies to sports. Even if the Astros lose to the Padres the first two games of a 3-game series, that doesn’t guarantee that they’ll win the third.

Avoid making too many plays

Bettors love betting. Betting just to have action is not a good idea. It is risky to bet on more than 15 games each night. This is a huge risk, and one bad night could cost you your entire bankroll. Bettors should be disciplined and keep their play to the most confident games. You can’t lose a bet you don’t make. Use your bankroll wisely and stick with a plan.

Best Indiana Sports betting site promotions

The Indiana Gaming Commission helped create a secure and safe betting market in Indiana. Many operators have opened online sportsbooks to offer Indianans a variety of betting options. 

Online sportsbooks offer a variety of bonuses to keep new players engaged and attract them.

Online Indiana sportsbooks offer many lucrative bonuses to players, as well as a wide range of bonuses that are not offered by land-based betting establishments. These bonuses include a free bet with no deposit required, a deposit match and a risk-free wager. Online sportsbooks also offer more opportunities to win cash than do their land-based counterparts.

Online sports betting bonuses offer customers the opportunity to get one over any sportsbook while they play with house money. This is a rare chance, so it is worth keeping an eye out for the best bonuses. It is very rare to find free bets for existing customers. Sportsbooks reserve the best deals for new players.

No-Deposit Bonuses


The easiest bonus to understand will be the first. These bonuses are great for beginners and anyone new to online betting. Registering for an account at the online casino is all that’s required. Sometimes, a no-deposit bonus can also be called a free wager.

These bonuses can be used to help you get your bankroll on the right track. As we mentioned, no-deposit bonus funds come with wagering requirements. The bonus funds will not be available for immediate withdrawal by players. They must be used with the sportsbook.

Online sportsbooks might ask that the player only place one bet on the bonus funds before withdrawing. Others may require a higher playthrough requirement, such as x10 or 20. Before you play, make sure to read all terms and conditions. No-deposit bonus codes are great because they don’t require you to wager and can be used to make money real fast without any deposit.

A time limit is another thing you should be aware of when accepting a bonus with no deposit. You may be required to claim your bonus within certain time frames by some sportsbooks. You may have to make a deposit once you sign up to receive the bonus.

First Deposit Match Bonuses


The most popular type of promotion offered online by casinos is the first deposit match bonus. It is also very prominent in online sports betting. These deposit bonuses are simple in concept. Players register for an account at an online casino and then make a deposit. The sportsbook matches the deposit with a percentage.

A 100% match bonus on deposits is doubled with bonus money. If you deposit $100, you get $100 in bonus money. A 20% match bonus adds $20 to a $100 deposit.

These types of bonuses have a lower maximum bonus if the match rate is higher. Indiana bettors may find a 100% bonus up to $200. However, a 20% match bonus could potentially bring in as much as $500. There will be different bonuses for Indiana, so make sure you do your research to find the best.

No-cost bets


Many online sportsbooks offer new players free bets. There are no complicated rules or tricks. Any winnings from house bets can be immediately credited as cash. The initial free bet amount cannot be redeemed.

If a customer bets $100 on the Seattle Seahawks winning the Super Bowl, they will get $200. This is an increase from $400 they would receive if they had used their own money. There are three types of free bets: no-deposit bets, deposit-matched bets, and match-free bets.

Online sportsbooks will often place restrictions on free bets to avoid giving away too much of their advantage. Free bets may not be available on markets with odds higher than -200, -300. Free bets may also have an expiration date, so check it before you play.

Risk-free Bets


In regulated online sports betting markets, risk-free bets can be quite common. To qualify for a risk-free wager, you will need to create an account at an online sportsbook and then place a bet with your own funds. You win the money if the first bet you place wins. Nothing else happens. If your first bet is unsuccessful, the sportsbook will reimburse the wager up to a certain value. You cannot withdraw your winnings as the refund will be made in site credit.

While risk-free betting sounds great, you must still bet with your own funds. Players who win with their initial wager don’t get any additional money. They aren’t as appealing as free bets, but they can still be a good deal.

Odds Boosts


Sometimes, sportsbooks may temporarily increase the odds of a popular market by taking a bet or two. These odds will not be the same as those found on ESPN or Vegas, but will be specific to the sportsbook.

An example: If a team’s price is +1000 to win a specific game, an odds boost promotion will increase this to +1500. An advantage of an odds boost promotion is that there are no conditions or requirements. There will be a limit to the amount that you can wager on events with increased odds.

Keep this in mind when you find a sportsbook offering an amazing odds boost for a game and the winnings in cash. You should consider placing large bets on the game with as much money as the sportsbook will allow.

Additional Promotions on Indiana Sports Betting Sites

Online sportsbooks in Indiana offer more than just welcome bonuses. They also offer weekly or daily promotions to keep their customers coming back to place bets. Below is a list of some of the most popular promotions that you will find in Indiana’s sports betting market.

Parlay Insurance

Customers who like to parlay bets will love this. Parlay bets that lose only one leg will result in bonus funds. Parlay betting is extremely popular, especially for mobile. Parlay betting is now offered by most operators. For more information, see this guide to the top parlay betting apps.

Close-by Insurance

These promos are based on the idea that if you place a wager on a team, and they lose, you will get a refund. You can also receive cash up to a specified amount. One example is if your team leads at halftime but loses or narrowly loses in the final minute.

Early payouts

If the team you backed wins a specific game, such as scoring the first TD, these promos will grade your pre-game bets winners.

Cashback Bonuses

These bets are very popular because they allow players to reduce their losses. An advertiser will place a bet on a specific outcome, such as which player will win the first NBA playoff game. The player will get their money if the bet succeeds. If the bet is unsuccessful, the player will receive their money back in cash or as a bonus bet. Although money is the best ticket, you still get something back on a losing wager even if you receive a bonus.

Indiana Sports Betting Law


There has been a very considerable rush for Indiana when it comes to the sports betting revolution that started in 2018 after PASPA was taken down by the Supreme Court. Only a year after this happened, the governor signed the new bill to allow sports betting into law in late 2019, right before the NFL season started.

Later that year, in October, the new apps and services began to appear with three of the most well-known established sportsbooks. Among these are BetRivers, which operates under the license of the French Lick Resort, and DraftKings, which achieved access thanks to Ameristar East Chicago. Both are leading the online services at this point.

After this period, new additions started to show up, with more and more sites coming into Indiana to take part in this market. Interest continued to increase, especially during and after the beginning of the pandemic in 2020.

The graphics show that there has been an exponential growth in sports betting revenue. There is also the possibility that tax revenue will climb to as much as $500 million if legalized online casinos have a pass this year.

Yes. Both online and at retail locations.

Sports betting is regulated by the Indiana Gaming Commission.

A user can bet on sports in Indiana online using the sportsbooks authorized by the state, and casino and racetracks that can write tickets for bettors at the site.

Yes. Online betting is also available for most mobile devices.

Minimum age requirements are for users to be at least 21 years old.

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