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Best Mobile Sports Betting Apps In The US


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4.9/5 Read Review

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What Are The Best Mobile Sportsbook Apps?

The best mobile sports betting apps in the US are the ones that allow you to bet on your favorite sports teams and players. These apps usually have a wide variety of betting options, including point spreads, moneylines, and futures. They also offer live betting, so you can bet on games as they happen. And most importantly, they’re easy to use and allow you to withdraw your winnings quickly and easily.

What are the Pros & Cons Of Sports Betting On Mobile Devices

Pros of Sportsbooks Apps

Makes online betting convenient

How often do you find yourself without your phone? For most, it’s nearly always on or near them, and being able to place a bet from your couch is a lot easier than wandering into the room where you have a computer set up. This is of course not just limited to cell phones, most online sports betting apps can be accessed from tablets as well, making it very easy to place a wager on your preferred sportsbook app.


It may be convenient to be able to place a bet from where ever you are, but it also may be the difference between winning and losing a bet. Being able to place a sports bet from your couch, the bar, or even at the sporting event you’re wagering on in real-time may make you a more profitable sports bettor. Live betting while running back and forth from your living room to an office or computer room isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time.


You may not even have a computer. Most anything a computer can do is also available in mobile apps these days and the decision to go to the app store and download a sportsbook app for your online betting may be the only way for you to participate in the betting market.

Cons of Sportsbook Apps

The sportsbook app may lack some features

Oftentimes a mobile app is nearly as good as a full website, but lacks a bit of the functionality. Any sportsbook app worth its salt is going to make sure that you are able to access the bets you want using mobile betting, but there still may be some parts that just aren’t as robust as full site when it comes to your betting experience. Also, if you are using your phone or tablet to watch the game while you bet on sports, you would need to flip back and forth between the stream and the mobile betting app if you were looking to live bet.

Makes online sports betting too easy?

Being able to bet on your sportsbook app from anywhere at anytime may not be the best for some sports bettors. Having constant betting options at your fingertips may have you placing sports bets that you may not have just because “you can” and the app is available to you constantly.

Best Sports Betting Apps for Legal Sports Betting

1. DraftKings sportsbook app

DraftKings sportsbook offers one of the best betting experiences in the sports betting space. With a massive menu of sports, clean interface and plenty of betting options, it’s near the top of most ratings.

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2. FanDuel sportsbook app

FanDuel Sportbooks is easy to use, and features the ever-popular Same Game Parlay options. Along with a clean look, the FanDuel app’s interface is responsive and easy to learn for a new user.

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3. BetMGM sportsbook app

BetMGM is one of the freindliest sports betting apps when it comes to showering the users with free bets, promotions, and deposit bonuses. The app is sleek and easy to use, and it doesn’t lack any of the markets you’d want to bet into.

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$1,500 First Bet Offer

4. Caesars sportsbook app

The Caesars sportsbook app is one of the better mobile platforms in all of sports betting. Along with great offers for both new and continuing users, it’s clearly a fan favorite.

Caesars Sportsbook Promo
$1,000 First Bet on Caesars

5. PointsBet sportsbook app

PointsBet doesn’t lack in the bonuses and promotions area compared to the other sportsbooks, nor does its interface compare poorly to its peers. What really sets it apart is the ability for users to “PointsBet” markets where the have the option to risk a bigger amount to win more if the bet they make wins by a fair margin.

PointsBet Sportsbook
PointsBet Sportsbook Offers PointsBetting, Solid Odds, and More

6. BetRivers sportsbook app

BetRivers has a good amount of promotions for users, a clean, easy-to-use interface and deposit and withdrawal options are easy to understand and manage. Overall, just a good sportsbook with all the options any sports bettor would want.

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2nd Chance Bet up to $100

7. WynnBET sportsbook app

WynnBET has some of the best promotions in the space, with big free bet offers for new users and reduced juice promotions. The app is fairly easy to use and it often has markets up earlier than most of the other sportsbooks.

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Best Betting Apps for Android


4.8/5 Read Review

Get a $1,000 Deposit Bonus

How To Install Sportsbook Apps On An Android Device? Installing a sportsbook app on your android device is as easy as installing any other app. Simply head to the app store and find the sportsbook you plan on using to place your sports bets. After downloading and installing you’ll need to sign up if you don’t already have an account. If you are a new customer, make sure to take advantage of any promotions given to new customers.

Best Sports Betting Apps for iPhones


4.9/5 Read Review

Bet $5, Get $150 in bonus bets if your bet WINS!

How To Install Sports Betting Apps On An Apple iOS Device? Installing a sports betting app on your iPhone or iPad is exactly like installing any other app you’ve ever added to your ios device. Open up to the app store, locate the specific sportsbook want to use for your online betting, and download and install it to your device. Check for any promotions given to first-time users or for depositing.

Our Overall Pick for the Best Betting App in US

DraftKings Sportsbook is our highest-rated app and the overall pick for the best betting app in the U.S. Ease of use, a wide assortment of legal sports betting options, and great promotions make DraftKings Sportsbook our top choice of any app listed in the app store.

Sportsbook app betting FAQs6

Mobile sportsbooks accept debit cards, credit cards, and electronic bank transfers. These are all easy options that nearly anyone has easy and instant access too. Most online sportsbooks apps will let you deposit money using PayPal or other online wallet services as well.

Simply access the app store on your ios or android and download the app you are looking to use to place your sports bets. There are plenty of apps on the market, and you should have access to some of the best sports betting apps available.

A good sports betting app should have an easy to use interface and off a wide range of sports and betting lines. No one wants to be frustrated because their app is difficult to use or they can place the sports bet on the top sports they want because the variety of sports is underwhelming.

It’s as simple as using the sportsbook on your desktop or laptop. Simply open the app the place your sports bet like you would on the website. Sports gambling at your fingertips isn’t any more difficult than regular online sports betting.

While the interfaces are likely less functional thatn the desktop site, betting apps are alomst certainly betting for live betting. You can be watching your favorite sports on your TV or computer and live betting on your mobile device.

It depends on what you want to bet on. All kinds of different sports are available on the best online sportsbooks. Sports like football, basketball, hockey, tennis, baseball, soccer and more will be accessible to you on the top sports betting apps.

Illegal sports betting sites have been around for many years, but now that sports betting is legal in many states, it’s better to use an online betting site that is under the regulation of your state goverment. If you were to have a disagreement with a sports betting operator on an illegal spots betting site, you wouldn’t have many resources, if any, to take action against them.

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Bet $5, Get $150 in bonus bets if your bet WINS!

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