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Draftkings Arizona Promo Code

Sports betting came to the state of Arizona when Governor Doug Ducey signed a bill to legalize sports betting in April 2021. Legal online sports betting launched a few months later in September with the online sportsbooks and retail sportsbooks taking in a reported $1.75 billion the first four months in operation.

Sports betting came to the state of Arizona when Governor Doug Ducey signed a bill to legalize sports betting in April 2021. Legal online sports betting launched a few months later in September with the online sportsbooks and retail sportsbooks taking in a reported $1.75 billion the first four months in operation. Arizona has several online sports betting options and Draftkings Arizona is one of the biggest and best options for sports betting in the Copper State for people of legal betting age!

Draftkings sportsbook Arizona Promo code 2022

Draftkings sportsbook has a great promo offer for new users right now. Sign up for a Draftkings sportsbook account at this link and get a 20 percent deposit match bonus up to $1,000. All you have to do is deposit a minimum of $5 for a first deposit on the the online sportsbook or Draftkings mobile betting app. It’s that easy. Once you deposit you’ll get site credit that is basically free bets for you to use on DraftKings Sportsbook however you see fit to use them. 

The amount you bet will determine how much credit you will get. To receive the maximum bonus, you’ll need to deposit $5,000 and wager $25,000 over the course of 90 days. To receive the minimum, you’ll need a first deposit of $5 and wager $25 to receive a $1 bonus credit. It’s essentially free money for sports fans.

Draftkings Arizona Sportsbook Overview

DraftKings Sportsbook is a well-known brand in the sports betting sector in the US. In addition to being professional competitors with FanDuel for many years, DraftKings Sportsbook and FanDuel were two of the first businesses in the United States to launch sports betting platforms legally in the United States in the country. DraftKings Sportsbook always makes every attempt to establish a significant presence in every US sports betting market, since the company has a stellar reputation in the field and were quick to gain a sports betting license in Arizona. 

DraftKings Sportsbook is well-known for providing sports bettors on its platform with a visually appealing and interactive experience. The DraftKings online sportsbook and Draftkings mobile betting app are incredibly simple to navigate and use the many features. The Draftkings mobile betting app is also available for download on both the Android and iOS operating systems. 

By providing information to new users through the fundamentals of the site and application, as well as orienting them with the betting procedure, the popular sportsbook also helps new users get up to speed. However, it also caters to seasoned sports bettors by providing them with several promotional and bonus offers, as well as increased odds on a variety of betting markets or sports on its website and mobile app. 

As with other bookmakers, DraftKings provides relatively competitive odds in the market, yet seasoned bettors may find the vig, or bookmaker’s charge, to be higher than the industry norm. On its site, DraftKings provides a diverse range of promos and bonus offers to both new and current bettors, depending on their status.

Draftkings Available Sports to Wager on in Arizona

If you want to do some mobile sports betting in Arizona they have an array of sports you can bet on. In fact, they might have the best variety of sports and sports leagues that you can bet on. You can bet on the four major professional sports, college football, golf, tennis, soccer and you can go on and on. If you want to go bet online, Draftkings Sportsbook will very likely have whatever sports you want to bet on.

Popular Types of Bets on Draftkings

It would probably be easier to tell you want you can’t bet on than what you can bet on, but nevertheless, we’ll still tell you. If there’s a betting market you want, Draftkings Sportsbook can likely provide that for you.


this is simply betting on the team you think is going to win the game. If you want to bet the favored team in the NBA Finals you likely aren’t going to be able to make a lot of money on that bet as your odds get worse the more likely the sportsbook thinks the team is going to win the game. However, if you think the underdog is going to win the game you can make some good money there, but underdogs are usually underdogs for a reason!


The spread is how many points, goals or runs a team is going to win by. If a team in an NBA Finals game is favored by 4.5 points and win by 5, you win the bet. If they win by less than 5 or lose the game, then your bet loses. This is the best way to get a good price on the favorite in a game, but it obviously comes with more risk. You can bet on full game spreads or incremental ones. 

In the basketball, football and hockey you can bet the spread on quarters, halves or periods (in hockey). For the more popular leagues you can also bet what are called “alt spreads”. If the sportsbook thinks the Warriors should be favored by 4.5 points in the NBA Finals, they’ll also offer you a chance to bet on the Warriors to win by more than 5.5, 6.5, 7.5 and so on. Your potential payout will be larger, but so will the risk of losing the bet.


The over/under will also be called the “total” and it’s simply betting on how many points, runs or goals are going to be scored in a game. So if you want to add the Diamondbacks-Dodgers game to your bet slip, you can bet on how many runs the teams are going to combined to score and you can also bet on how many runs each team is going to score by themselves. 

That bet is called a team total. Like spreads, the bigger the game is you can bet on alt totals as well. You can also bet on incremental totals. Like spreads it’s broken down by halves, quarters and periods. For baseball, the most common incremental spread is called the first five when you’re betting on how many runs will be scored in the first five innings of a game.


If you want to really expand your horizons when it comes to betting, you can go past the spread and totals and head right for the prop markets. A prop is simply whether or not a certain thing is going to happen in a game. Zach Lavine’s point total is a type of prop. Justin Fields to throw a touchdown is another example. There are player props, team props and game props and the possibilities are endless.


A Future bet is betting on things like who is going to win the Super Bowl or who is going to win AL MVP. These are bets that typically take a while to settle so it may not be a lot of fun to tie up money on something that could take months to win or lose, but there are usually long odds available on good options depending on what you’re looking to bet on so the possibilities and hopes are tantalizing to think about. Given that these can have high payouts it’s a good thing to use that deposit bonus on.


Parlays are fun, but can also be quite controversial in the betting space. A parlay is combining multiple bets into one bet where if even one leg of the bet loses, you lose your entire stake. It can be fun to pick a parlay on multiple games so that you can have various rooting interests, but they’re obviously extremely risky to bet on and the odds aren’t always necessarily fair based on what the individual legs add up. 

BetMGM Sportsbook offers a variety of parlay options right on their homepage and BetMGM app every day which makes it easy for you to bet on them if you so choose. You have a lot of options for sports betting on DraftKings Sportsbook so make that first deposit and start betting today!

How to Use the Draftkings sportsbook App

The Draftkings Sportsbook App is extremely easy to use for sports betting. 

1. Navigate to the game you want. 

2. Choose the type of bet you want to make. 

3. Add your bet to your bet slip 

4. Select the amount you want to bet and place your bet. 

Betting is extremely easy on the Draftkings website and the Draftkings sports betting app!

Draftkings Sportsbook Features

Draftkings Sportsbook and the Draftkings mobile app have a lot of features that make them one of the leaders in the sports betting industry.

Live betting

Most sports betting is done before a game starts. Users place bets and then watch the game see if their bet wins. You can, however, bet on most events as the game is going on. Live betting provides a thrill as the moneyline, spread and total will shift, sometimes dramatically, over the course of a game. Live betting is very easy with DraftKings Sportsbook. There’s a tab on the website and DraftKings app which lists all the live sporting events to bet on. You can bet on the traditional sports and shouldn’t be surprised to see niche sports on there as well.

Bet cash outs

DraftKings Sportsbook offers the option to cash out bets. If you make sports wagers you weren’t intending to you can cash out for your original stake. Even more interesting, DraftKings Sportsbook offers you the option to cash out during an event. If you’re ok taking a little bit of a profit and think your bet might eventually lose when it concludes then you have the option to cash out. There aren’t many other places in the sports betting community where they will allow that.

Rewards tracker

Draftkings Sportsbook has a system where you can earn crowns which you can accumulate and use towards other rewards: 

Dynasty Rewards Store that offers thousands of items and experiences you can use your Crowns on. 

Dynasty Rewards homepage that allows you to easily view your current status tier, and track your progress towards the next one. 

Annual instead of monthly status tiers, allowing you more time to earn Crowns and enjoy your status tier. 

Exclusive status tier promos and offers across all products. 

Marketplace purchases now offer Crowns for purchases. 

And much more.

Odds Boosts

DraftKings Sportsbook does offer odds boosts. There aren’t typically a lot of offerings, however they will have those boosts for bigger events and are usually tied to whichever celebrity or athlete they have signed up for a sponsorship deal. The Odds Boosts are easy to find on the Draftkings website and on the Draftkings app.

Same game parlays

Same Game Parlays are all the rage in the sports betting industry right now and DraftKings Sportsbook is one of the industry leaders when it comes to the SGP. They’ll routinely offer risk-free same game parlays where you’ll basically get a free bet back if your parlay loses.


If you have any issues with DraftKings Sportsbook or the DraftKings Sportsbook app you can go online and submit an email and the support staff is really easy to get a hold of and will respond promptly.

The Pros & Cons


With DraftKings Sportsbook you get rewards for everything. You earn a crown for every bet placed on DraftKings Sportsbook and every daily fantasy contest you play. If you earn enough crowns you can earn a free bet. Who doesn’t like a free bet? DraftKings Sportsbook has the widest variety of sporting events offered in the legal sports betting landscape in the United States and they have a much more robust profile of offerings than their biggest competitors at FanDuel. It really is a sports betting dream. 

With Draftkings you only need one account for the Draftkings sportsbook and the Draftkings mobile app. You can win money in the sportsbook and use it to play daily fantasy contests. You can use the the winnings from your daily fantasy winnings for your sports betting endeavors. You can also use your daily fantasy winnings and sports betting winnings in the Draftkings online casino and vice versa.


If you don’t have a PayPal account, withdrawing your winnings from the Draftkings Sportsbook, Draftkings mobile app or Draftkings online casino can be a bit tricky because that’s the only way you can withdraw from Draftkings Sportsbook right now other than having them mail you a check. While you can use the same account to use the daily fantasy and sports betting with DraftKings Sportsbook, you need separate apps to use the platforms on a mobile device. The DraftKings Sportsbook app and Draftkings mobile app are different and you can’t bet on the daily fantasy app and can’t play daily fantasy on the sports betting app.

Banking Options on Draftkings

Banking with DraftKings Sportsbook is an easy process and they have a variety of options for the sports betting crowd.

Deposit Method

Visa or Mastercard – minimum $5, instant processing 

Online bank transfer – minimum $5, instant processing 

PayPal – minimum $5, instant processing 

ACH (e-check) – minimum $5, instant processing 

DraftKings prepaid debit card – minimum $5, instant processing 

Wire Transfer – minimum $100, 1-2 days processing 

time DraftKings gift card – minimum $5, instant processing

Withdrawl Method

PayPal – $1 minimum, 3-5 days processing 

time Check in Mail – $15 minimum, 7-14 days processing time.

Draftkings Sportsbook App

The DraftKings Sportsbook mobile app is available on the two major mobile platforms

  • iOS
  • Android

You can also access DraftKings Sportsbook through the website which has the same functionality as the apps which provides you with all your needs for the sports betting world.

Well, you don’t actually have to use a DraftKings promo code anymore in order to net yourself welcome bonuses and account extras. Simply make a qualifying deposit or choose a promotion from the page to opt-in.

DraftKings Sportsbook is live and operating their sportsbook in 13 states. However, we’re seeing a tide of betting legislation sweep the nation, and it’s expected that DraftKings Sportsbook will seek sports betting licenses where ever they can. Currently, the sports betting platform is available in Wyoming, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Unfortunately, any DraftKings promo code would have been applicable only for new accounts. However, there are a ton of promotions for existing users like boosted bets and bonus cash, so check the promotions page for more bonuses.

DraftKings has secured a partnership with NFL Canada and is offering daily fantasy contests in the country, but we’re still waiting on the passage of C-218. Once single event wagering is legal in CAN, DraftKings will almost certainly release their sports betting platform to eligible bettors.

DraftKings is one of the biggest names in fantasy sports and real event wagering in the US, and they’ve been protecting their customers’ information for a decade. You can be sure your information is safe with this operator.

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