PropSwap Ticket of the Day: NFL Championship Futures

Denver Broncos Introduce Quarterback Russell Wilson

The 2022-2023 NFL season is still many months away but it’s never too early to buy into the market. The draft is over and the over/under reactions have begun making this a great time to shop championship futures. I perused the tickets on PropSwap and found a few that offer great value against the odds currently available at sportsbooks. Here are my NFL Tickets of the day.

NFL Tickets of the day

Win 2023 Championship

Buffalo Bills – 7.57/1 ($525.00) $4,500.00

Well, the Bills haven’t lost much from their team that was a single defensive play away from avoiding OT against Kansas City. They’re pretty much the same team from last year, and Josh Allen is only getting better.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 8.25/1 ($551.51) $5,100.00

Tom Brady is back and so are most of his offensive weapons. You really missed the boat on any Bucs futures before TB12 returned but this is still a great number.

Denver Broncos – 17.18/1 ($275.00) $5,000.00

Denver acquired Russell Wilson and they immediately became an AFC Contender. They added multiple free-agents and will still roster one of the leagues top defenses.

Arizona Cardinals – 30.06/1 ($499.00) $15,500.00

The Air Raid offense has really come to the desert. The addition of Marquise “Hollywood” Brown along with their already impressive receiving corps has the Cards atop the list of potential sleepers. If Kyler Murray takes that next step in his maturation and this defense can be even middle of the road… watch out!

All of these tickets are on teams who if they play up to expectation can legitimallly compete for a championship. In addition, they offer odds above what can currently be found at most sportsbooks. 

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