Donate to Damar Hamlin’s “The Chasing M’s Foundation”

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Thoughts, prayers, and every positive sentiment to Damar Hamlin, his family, the Buffalo Bills, and everyone affected by last night’s tragic incident on the field in Cincinnati. Everyone knows what happened, and everyone saw the aftermath so there is no need to elaborate any further.

Damar’s foundation has picked up millions of dollars in donations over the last 12+ hours, and if you would like to contribute to Damar’s foundation whose goal is to “use as a vehicle to bring lasting impact to his community. The foundation supports toy drives, back-to-school drives, kids camps, and more.”

Below is a link to Damar’s “The Chasing M’s Foundation” GoFundMe page if you would like to donate. Please continue to keep Damar and his family, teammates, fans, and community in your thoughts.

Click HERE to donate to Damar Hamlin’s “The Chasing M’s Foundation”

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Matt Rooney

Matt comes from Chicago and has lived in the area his whole life. Graduated from and played football at Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, IL while also serving as the director of student sports broadcasting. He writes for Betsperts as well as appears on several shows across the network.

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