Parlay Calculator

The parlay calculator allows you quickly see the payout on a parlay by inputting your stake (the amount wagered) and the odds for each leg of the bet.

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Parlay Calculator

A parlay calculator will help you determine the odds of a parlay wager when you combine several straight bets to create a parlay in your sports betting. You’ll need the moneyline odds of the single bets and the bet amount in order for it to calculate the potential winnings for the entire parlay.

What is a parlay bet?

A parlay is a wager made up of multiple straight bets. In order to win, every single bet must win. If a straight bet within the parlay loses, the parlay bet loses no matter how many of the other legs won. The parlay calculator will show you how much you could win if all the bets inside the parlay bet are successful.

How do I calculate a parlay payout?

To Calculate a parlay, you simply multiply the decimal odds of each straight bet together. If you don’t want to convert to decimal odds, you can use our parlay calculator instead.

Should you make parlay bets or not? 

A parlay bet comes with inherent risk since you need to win each leg in order to cash the parlay. Often, parlays are viewed as bad bets in the world of sports betting. This is because if you don’t have an edge big enough to overcome the hold in the market, your disadvantage is multiplied.

This said, if you do have an edge in multiple markets, the opposite is true: a parlay bet will magnify those edges, creating a very valuable bet. If a few markets are all priced around -110 and you think they should be closer to -150, just enter the actual prices into the parlay calculator and then enter your implied prices and look at the difference.

How do parlay odds work?

Parlay odds are a direct calculation of the odds of the single bets placed inside the parlay bet. The longer the odds of the bets, the bigger the parlay payout will be.

Parlay Calculator FAQ

If a parlay bet has a bet within it that pushes, most sportsbooks just reduce the parlay odds to whatever the calculation for the rest of the remaining legs would be. For example, a three-team parlay bet would become a two-team parlay instead.

Unfortunately, if you lose one game in a parlay bet, the entire ticket is a loser. Parlay bets are high reward, but are also high risk. This is why a parlay bet with many legs is viewed as a bit of a sucker bet in the world of sports betting.

Most markets can be parlayed together with some limitations. Highly correlated markets are often not allowed in parlay bets, or offered at considerably lower odds to make up for the correlation. Multiple games can almost always be put into a parlay bet, but parlaying things like a game to go over the total and one of the teams involved in the game to go over their team total is usually not allowed.

The parlay calculator takes the decimal odds and multiplies them to give you the overall parlay payout. If you are betting spreads, you need to enter the moneyline odds of the bet. When the calculator has all the odds and your bet amount, it can give you the parlay odds and the parlay payout.