Football Badges by Memory

How accurately can football fans draw six Premier League badges from memory?

Premier League football badges are not only iconic emblems of a club’s history; they are also instantly recognisable brands on the world sporting stage.

From the red devil of Manchester United to Liverpool’s iconic liver bird and Tottenham’s proud cockerel, club crests tell a unique story of the roots of English football and the journey taken by each team from local league to global corporate entity. And of course, each provides an inimitable identity that emblazons club grounds, highly sought-after kits and a myriad of sporting memorabilia to boot.

Lovers of the Beautiful Game will be used to seeing those logos splashed across TV screens – or perhaps in person - every single week, but how well can they remember each crest, and would they be able to easily recall them from scratch? We decided to find out.

To test the nation’s football badge knowledge, we challenged 100 fans to draw the logos of six top Premier League clubs from memory alone. Each logo was graded on a range of stylistic points – from the colours and shapes used, to the fonts, wording and consideration around specific details, alongside overall impression.

We analysed the results to discover which badges stick most firmly in our heads, and which are stuck in the dressing room.



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