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The Best Pay by Mobile Betting Sites

Online sports betting has opened up the opportunity for bettors to make payments and bet using a phone bill. A betting app will allow a user to add funds to a betting account with their phone number without asking for any banking information.

So how does it work? Here’s a guide to the best pay by mobile betting sites.

Best pay by mobile betting sites

Pay by mobile is not as popular as most deposit methods at sportsbooks and mobile casino sites. Check with the best sportsbooks to see if the deposit option is available before you start to pour money into your sportsbook account.

Unfortunately, it isn’t currently available at many legally regulated sportsbooks.

The following sportsbooks might not accept the deposit option so be sure to follow up. Regardless, here’s a list of the best sportsbooks.


DraftKings has great NFL odds and is one of the most popular sportsbooks in the country. It doesn’t currently accept the mobile phone credit as a deposit method.

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BetMGM is a great place for new bettors to start when looking to make a mobile deposit. As of now, it doesn’t look like the sportsbook provides the phone bill credit option for deposits.

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FanDuel has grown in popularity with options such as the same-game parlay and a $1,000 No Sweat bet. It doesn’t have pay by phone bill currently available.

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No Sweat First Bet up to $2,500


Caesars has an on-the-house bet to go along with a stellar rewards program. It’s one of the best VIP systems in the country. It also doesn’t have the pay-by-phone bill option available at the moment.

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Important info on pay-by-mobile payments

If you plan to use paying with your phone bill as a betting option, here are a few things you need to know.

What is the pay by phone bill option?

At some sportsbooks, you can make a deposit using your mobile phone number. After you make the deposit, the amount of money you chose gets added to your phone bill.

When you check your phone bill, you will see the charge for the deposit at the sportsbook. You can then proceed to pay your phone bill however you see fit.

Fees and Processing

Many of the best betting apps in the United States will not charge transaction fees for making deposits and withdrawals. With this being said, check the terms and conditions for the bookmakers with your favorite deposit method.

Check to see if pay by mobile is a way to deposit and if there are any fees attached. Also, check with your mobile phone service provider to see if there are any fees on their end when you bet online.


The first pro is how easy it is to make when online betting. You can quickly add money to your account when mobile sports betting by just entering your phone number.

It’s a great option if you don’t have a bank account. You can use your mobile phone to make a deposit. The money then is added to your phone bill. Using your phone bill also means the payment will be made later.

Another pro is you will be keeping your personal payment details secure from the mobile app. There is no credit card, debit card, or banking information that has to be seen when you deposit using this method.

Also, when you deposit by phone bill there is an extra layer of security with text message verification. It’s one of several reasons to consider the payment option if it’s available with your sportsbook.


The biggest con to paying using your monthly phone bill is that many sites where you can legally gamble will not have this payment method available for you to make your first deposit. It falls behind other mobile device options such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more in terms of availability with mobile bookmakers.

There are also low deposit limits for online sportsbooks that accept pay by mobile. Also, you usually cannot make a withdrawal with this method. Your deposit and withdrawal methods will have to be different. That can be frustrating for a new user of an online sportsbook.

These cons could impact a user’s betting experience and might be a reason we see them shift away from depositing via mobile pay.

Depositing with betting sites that accept pay by mobile

Here are the steps you need to take to start using phone bill payments when online gambling.

Create an account

Start by creating an account. Find the best phone bill betting sites and figure out which one you want to sign up for. You will have to enter in your personal information such as name, address, birthday, and more.

A mobile sportsbook will then use geolocation tracking to confirm you are within the borders of any of the legal sports betting states. Your information is also used to confirm your identity and allow you to become a sports bettor on their platform.

Deposit via your phone bill

Now you can make a deposit with the pay by phone option. Go to the deposit section of the betting platform, select the method, and type in the amount of money you wish to deposit.

The deposit will be credited instantly and the amount of money will be added to your mobile phone bill. This is one of the advantages of mobile payment methods. They usually are quick and easy.

Confirm your deposit

Check your account to confirm you received the deposit in your sports betting account. If you are having any issues with the online betting site, contact customer service. This will ensure you receive the best pay by mobile sports betting experience.

Also, check your next phone bill to confirm you were charged the correct amount. Compare your betting account with your phone bill so there aren’t any discrepancies.

Can I withdraw my winnings through pay by mobile?

While it can be a great way to place bets using your mobile phone, pay by mobile usually isn’t allowed as a withdrawal method. This means you will need a different option for taking your money out of your account.

This is a reason some sports bettors might avoid using pay by mobile betting. Having two different methods for deposit and withdrawal can be frustrating because it’s not a seamless process.

Be sure to check the best betting sites with pay by mobile options and see if you can withdraw with the method. If you have questions, contact customer support at the best pay by phone bill sportsbooks.

Bonuses at pay-by-mobile betting sites

The best sportsbooks will have great bonuses and promotions for new sports betting. In states where betting is available, users will see bonus bets, first-bet insurance, and more.

Confirm with your sportsbook if you are allowed to use a pay by mobile deposit to claim an offer. Some deposit options have specific rules surrounding them that do not allow bonuses to be claimed.

Also, some promotions involve a deposit bonus, deposit match, or qualifying bet. Since pay by phone bill can have a cap on the deposit amount, it can be hard to capitalize on the full offers.

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Comparison with other payment options at sportsbooks

There are plenty of deposit and withdrawal options at the major sportsbooks. Here are a few of the most common you’ll see and can use if pay by mobile isn’t available at the book of your choice.

Credit or Debit Cards

Major debit and credit cards are one of the most common deposit and withdrawal methods with sportsbooks. You’ll find these options with basically every major sportsbook across the country. Visa and Mastercard are the most widely accepted.

PayPal and E-wallets

PayPal is one of the top e-wallets in the world and is usually accepted by major operators if you are not using a Google Pay sportsbook. PayPal is secure for betting online.

Venmo and other e-wallets are starting to gain more popularity. Check to see if your sportsbook allows you to pay via Venmo.

Sportsbook Pre-Paid Gift Cards

Major sportsbooks will have gift cards that can be purchased on their website. It’s a safe bet if you have had any issues with other deposit methods or you can’t find any Google Pay bookmakers.

Online Bank Transfer

Bank transfers are used for safe and sometimes bigger transactions. Check with your bank if they approve transactions with sportsbooks or if there are any fees associated with making a deposit.


Sportsbooks will allow a digital version of a paper check. Another option that is available if you can’t find a bookmaker that accepts Google Pay.

Popular bet types at sportsbooks

After making a deposit, it’s time to start placing bets. Here are the most common bet types you’ll see at the most popular sportsbooks in the country.


A moneyline bet is picking the straight-up winner. It’s pretty simple. A favorite will be listed with negative odds while an underdog will be listed with positive odds. For example, the Chiefs might be favored with -125 odds vs the Bills.

Point Spread

A point spread bet is looking at the margin of victory in a game or contest. Sportsbooks will list a point margin for the favorite and underdog which is represented by a negative and positive. For example, the Bills are +7.5-point underdogs. If you select the Bills to cover the spread, they have to lose by 7 or less or win for you to win the bet.


A total is also called an over/under. Both titles mean the same thing. This type of bet is the combined total points for a particular game between both teams.

For example, the Bulls-Wizards game has a total of 228.5 and you decide you want to bet the over. For you to win, both teams need to combine for at least 229 points or more. If the game ends 112-110, you would lose the bet. That would only be 222 total points scored.


A parlay involves combining multiple picks into one single bet. This makes the odds increase but also means it will be more difficult for the bet to win. For example, you pick the Bulls, Magic, and Pistons to win. If any team of the three loses, you lose the bet.

A traditional parlay involves separate events or games. Sportsbooks also have a same-game parlay. This is when a bettor makes multiple picks on outcomes in the same game.

Live betting

In-play betting has soared in recent years. Online betting has expanded the number of options available and sportsbooks have odds, lines, and more throughout the game. The odds quickly change based on what is happening in the game and bettors have to make quick decisions.

Prop bets

Props are when bettors are placing wagers on a specific outcome within a game. There are team, game, and player props. For example, Saquan Barkley’s total rushing yards might be set at over/under 85.5. If you bet the over, Barkley needs at least 86 yards rushing in the game for you to win.

You could also bet on other props such as total passing yards. If the line was set at over/under 275.5 for Josh Allen, he would need to pass for 276 yards or more for an over bet to win.


A future is a bet that concludes on a future date and will be decided down the road. An example would be picking a player to win the MVP Award early in the season or betting on an NFL team to win the Super Bowl before the playoffs begin.

Futures odds change over the course of the year based on how teams are playing, injuries, and more. A few lucky sports bettors a year get a large payout because they snagged great championship odds months in advance.

For example, let’s say the Bengals were +1700 to win the Super Bowl at the start of the year. You place a $1500 bet on the Bengals to win it all. The payout is 17 to 1.

The Bengals have an incredible season and entering the playoffs, their odds have changed to +400 to win it all. They go on to win the Super Bowl. You would be paid out 17 to 1 because you got the bet at those odds.

Pay by mobile for sports betting sites wrap-up

Pay by phone bill, also called pay by mobile, is still trying to break into sportsbooks. It is not used in many legal sportsbooks and it’s hard to tell if that will change. Keep up with the latest news and updates in sports betting for new developments.

Please Gamble Responsibly. 21+ and Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER

Best pay by mobile betting sites FAQs

Pay by mobile isn’t widely used at the best and most popular sportsbooks in the United States. Check with your sportsbook to see if you can bet using phone bill credit.

Yes. Most sportsbooks will have bonuses, promotions, and offers for new users. You should check the terms or contact customer support to confirm you can use the phone bill deposit method to claim an offer.

Yes. It is a safe and secure method. It is also a quick method when trying to deposit into your account.

The payment method is largely regional and it mostly depends if your service provider supports it. If not, you can always use other mobile payments with your device by adding a credit card to e-wallets.

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