What Does Pick’em Mean In Sports Betting?

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A game between two teams will usually have a favorite and underdog. This is however not always the case. In some instances, there are no clear favorites. 

This is the case in pick’em spreads.

What Is A Pick’em Spread?

A pick’em, PK or Pick means there is no point spread, and all bets on these games are moneyline bets. 

Generally, a game listed as a pick’em, means that sportsbooks think the two opposing teams are evenly yoked for that game,on that specific day. This does not necessarily mean that two sides are equal, but that either team has an equal chance of winning. 

How To Play A Pick’em

The moneyline odds offered are the standard (- 110 odds with a potential win of $100 after wagering $100). 

A pick’em requires you to pick the winning team. Sounds easy enough, but with the sharpness of sports betting nowadays, this is often easier said than done. Winning pick’ems is just as challenging as any other bet on the market. 

Let’s look at this NFL example with the San Francisco 49ers playing the Seattle Seahawks. The odds are:

Team Odds

San Francisco 49ers – 110

Seattle Hawks – 110

The above is a pick’em because the odds presented are identical. In short, neither team seems to have a winning edge over the other. 

Pick’em Betting Strategies

Here are some tips to help you win pick’em bets;

1. Do not always pick the team with the better record or more past wins. This information is essential but should be weighed alongside other research.

2. Consider home-field or court advantage. Always make your choice after knowing which team is at home; Vis a Vis their past performance when they are playing away. 

4. Look into recent team news to see if you can determine why some teams have been placed on a pick’em. For example, an important player being injured or internal team wrangles can see a strong team on a pick’em.

Should You Bet On Pick’ems?

Pick’ems are an excellent bet type to add to your rapporteur. However, as with all other bets, don’t rush into placing a bet, research before making your selections, and calculate odds and payouts accurately. 


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