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Every golfer has their go-to golf club or go-to golf shot. Tiger has the 2-iron stinger off the tee and Phil has his trusty wedges. Whether you’re a tour professional or a weekend golfer, we all have our favorite club in the bag. Paige Spiranac of course is no different! Recently we had the chance to sit down with Paige and chat about her favorite clubs in the golf bag, and how she would rank them from best to worst.

14. 60-Degree Wedge

It’s not that Paige doesn’t like the 60, she just rarely ever uses it. “I don’t hate this club, I just never use it. I don’t even know why I have it in my bag still to be honest” said Paige. The 60-degree wedge is one of the hardest clubs in the bag to get the hang of and Paige certainly isn’t alone in not being a fan.

13. 5-Iron

“I literally hate my 5-iron more than anything.” If anything, Paige is honest! We all have that one club in the bag that for one reason or another we just can’t get the hang of. For Paige, it’s the 5-iron.

12. 6-Iron

Are you sensing a trend with the dislike clubs? Said Paige, “I hate my long irons.” Who can blame her? The longer the iron, the more difficult it gets to hit consistently

11. 48-Degree Wedge

For just about everyone, wedges are mostly “feel” clubs. Some of us like one more than the other. “I use my 48 out of the rough, around the greens, and for 70% shots.” said Paige.

10. Pitching Wedge

We’re getting the next pitching wedge out of the way here as well. The pitching wedge and the 48-degree wedge are very similar golf clubs. “I have a P wedge and a 48-degree wedge. They basically go the same distance but I use them for different shots. I use my pitching wedge on full shots.”

9. 7-Iron

Not quite a long iron, but still in that area. The 7 iron is about the definition of a mid-iron so having it just ahead of the 5 and 6 iron is fitting placement.

8. 8-Iron

Fitting that the 8-Iron comes in at number 8! Not much of an explanation here from Paige, really just a club that only gets used every once in awhile in the bag.

7. 9-Iron

It seems like most of us have similar practice routines or clubs we usually begin a range session with. That’s part of the reason why Paige likes her 9-iron. “I use this club the most when I’m practicing so I feel most comfortable with it.”

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6. 7-Wood

Now here’s a club that not many people carry in their bags. Over the years, we’ve seen long irons get replaced by different woods and hybrids. Count Paige as being in that category. “It’s new to my bag and I love it! More people should try a 7 wood or a hybrid instead of a 3 or 4 iron.”

5. Putter

Talk about a controversial club in the bag! Many golfers either love or hate the putter and see themselves as either great putters or terrible putters. Much like the wedges, if you have a feel for your putter you’ll love it. Paige said, “I’m a great par putter.”

4. 3-Wood

Getting close to the top here, and a lot of woods left in the bag. ” I love hitting this club off the tee and it saved me back in the day when I had the driver yips. This was the only club I could hit off the tee” said Paige. For those who struggle with the Driver off the tee, give the 3-wood a shot.

3. 5-Wood

“I never really miss with my 5-wood,” said Paige. While there may not be as many chances to hit the 5-wood or the 3-wood in a normal round of golf, it’s always nice to have a trustworthy club like that in the bag.

2. Driver

Similar to the putter, most people either love this club or hate it. Or most people either have the yips with the driver or have shaken the yips with the driver. Now that Paige has gotten past her driver demons, she just loves it. I used to have the yips off the tee. I really struggled when I was playing full-time. Now that I’ve quit, I never miss fairways. Just shows you how mental golf is.” Golf really is a mental game!

1. 54-Degree Wedge

“This is my go-to club around the greens. My chipping is the best part of my game by far. It’s also my favorite part of the game to teach. You can be so creative.” Creativity in golf is key. If you have one club around the green you always feel comfortable with you can really let that creativity flow.

So that’s it for Paige’s favorite clubs in her golf bag! What are your favorite clubs in your golf back? Hit us up on Twitter with your answers @Betsperts and @BetspertsGolf.


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