Q&A with Paige Spiranac: Routine, Best & Worst Golf Shots Revealed

Q & A with Paige Spiranac

Routine is such an important thing in sports. Most athletes have them whether it’s Dak Prescott’s pregame hip turns, a hockey goalie smacking the posts, or the weekend golfer’s pre-tee shot routine. For some, it’s superstition and for others, it’s muscle memory, but whichever it is we all have them. Recently we got to hear from Paige Spiranac about her routines on the golf course, and how those have changed since her days on tour. We were also lucky enough to have Paige talk about the best and worst shots of her career.

What Was Paige Spiranac’s Practice Routine as a Pro?

“My practice routine is very different now than when I was seriously playing golf. When I played Junior golf and Pro golf I had the same routine. I never took any days off. I would do two-a-days. I was homeschooled so I was able to make golf a priority. Fun fact I was ranked in the top 20 in the world as a junior golfer. “

 “I would spend an hour on short game, 2 hours on putting, and hit 2 jumbo buckets of golf balls in the morning. Yes, they were called jumbo. In the afternoon I would do short game and wedges for about 2 hours and then play 9 or 18 if possible. I didn’t play as much as I should’ve. That’s one thing I learned and would do differently if I could. Spend less time trying to get the perfect swing and focus more on scoring.”

What is Paige Spiranac’s Current Golf Practice Routine Now?

“My practice routine now is non-existent. I have no desire to practice because I did it full out for so long. Now I just play for fun with friends. If I need to get my game back in shape for an event I will practice a ton of short game and wedges. That’s where you score and it actually helps your full swing.

“I recommend spending at least 30 minutes on your short game a day if you want to lower your scores. It makes a massive difference.”

Paige Spiranac

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What is the Best Shot Paige Spiranac Has Ever Hit?

“People always ask me the best shot I’ve ever hit and it’s not what you’d expect. Yes, hole-in-ones are cool but there’s nothing better than pulling off a hard shot under pressure when it counts. To get my first professional win I had to par the last hole to get into a playoff. I hit it in the green side bunker and was virtually dead. It was this downhill bunker shot to this short-sided pin.”

“I hit the absolute perfect bunker shot to 3 feet and made the putt to get into the playoff. Ended up winning on the first hole.”

Paige Spiranac

What is the Worst Shot Paige Has Hit?

“The worst shot I ever hit was my very first tee shot in my first professional tournament. I was in Dubai for a Ladies European Tour tournament.”

Paige Spiranac

“I got a sponsor exemption and it ended up being a huge deal that I was NOT prepared to handle. I was so nervous on that first tee.

Every part of my body was shaking and I could feel my hands. I have never seen so many cameras before and they were all there to capture my first shot. I completely snap-hooked the ball. It went about 10 yards straight but took a 90-degree turn to the left. Dead silence on the tee after that shot. It was mortifying having to walk off that tee straight into the desert to find my ball. Still made par to then shoot 77 to miss the cut. “


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