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    Everything You Need to Win Your Fantasy Football League

    I just finished my annual task of writing fantasy football draft blurbs for most of the fantasy-relevant players in the league heading into the 2022 draft season, so I thought I’d once again share some of the more interesting stats and splits that I ran across during the time spen

    With 4for4’s suite of Underdog tools, data from Best Ball Mania 1 and 2 has helped formulate a plan for this year’s $10 million Best Ball Mania 3. Those basics have been laid out in the six-part Best Ball Mania Bible. After logging 20 drafts in May (out of a possible 150), I will outline my position-

    Fantasy managers are likely familiar with the phrase “stacking”. The term describes when you have two players from the same NFL team in your fantasy lineup. In most cases, stacking has been used to express a quarterback paired with one of his wide receivers. However,

    Sophomore Slump is a term that’s become part of our vernacular for many things such as albums, movies, television series, and what it actually originated from, collegiate studying. I’m baffled by its roots since most freshmen party too hard their first year and make an attempt to get

    Handcuffing in fantasy football has fallen in and back out of favor in previous seasons, and there are very valid arguments to be made on both sides of the handcuff debate. Finding that your late-round pick can slide right into a full workload after an injury is a thing of beauty, but