Intro Mission Statement: 


We at Fantasy Life are dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive community for all current and future members. Fantasy Life products are dedicated to the discussion and appreciation of sports, free from the threat of harassment or destructive behavior. To this end, below you will find our Fantasy Life Community Standards which dictate what is unacceptable behavior for users of our products.


The safety and security of the Fantasy Life community members is paramount for the Fantasy Life team. 

  • The Fantasy Life team has a zero tolerance policy for bullying and harassment. Any users/chats/shouts deemed to be bullying or harassment will be removed immediately.

  • This includes:
  • Chats or Shouts dedicated to deliberately harass private individuals. 
  • Chats or Shouts dedicated to deliberately sexually harass private individuals. 
  • Content purposely created to degrade private individuals..
  • Content meant to intimidate or shame private individuals..
  • Repeated messaging or targeting that is sufficiently severe, pervasive or persistent.
  • Objectifying private individuals with their personal images from other sites.
  • Posting anyone’s personal information without their consent.
  • We will be more lenient with public figures and those that choose to lead public lives as opposed to private individuals.
  • The Fantasy Life team does not support the promotion of self-harm or suicide. Content that promotes or encourages suicide, self-harm, self-mutilation and/or eating disorders is prohibited. Any abuse of survivors of any of the aforementioned acts is strictly prohibited.
  • Organizations that promote in dangerous or hateful activity are prohibited from establishing a presence on Fantasy Life products. This includes any groups that are engaged in terrorist activity, organized violence or criminal activity, mass/serial murderers or organized hate groups. Content that promotes or supports any of the aforementioned groups or members of these groups is strictly forbidden.  
  • Content that violates US law or promotes potential violation of US law is prohibited. Celebration of criminal activity or recruitment for potential criminal activity is also prohibited.This includes threats of harm to other users or members of the general public, threats of theft and vandalism. If the Fantasy Life team deems that there is a credible criminal threat they will work with law enforcement to address it. 
  • We also prohibit the sale or attempts of sale of prescription drugs, firearms/ammunition/explosive devices, illegal drugs on any Fantasy Life products.
  • If you need to report another user for any of the above reasons, please email the complaint and a screenshot of the posting to

A Respectful Community

The Fantasy Life community is one that celebrates the diversity of it’s users and respects the opinions of all its members. To this end, only content that is acceptable to a diverse audience will be permitted in both the main feed and in public chats

  • The Fantasy Life team recognizes that there are members of our community that might be sensitive to certain content. In the interest of fairness and respect to our entire community we will prohibit the posting of content with nudity or graphic sexual content. Any content that displays or describes graphic sexual activity will also be removed.
  • The Fantasy Life team will remove any found or reported content that is destructive to any group of people or person based on: sexual orientation, sex, gender or gender identity, religious/spirituality, country of national origin, ethnicity, race, disability or disease. Shouts and chats that promote discrimination against any of the aforementioned protected groups will be deleted and the users that created them will be banned. We do allow for peaceful discussion of dissenting opinions as this can lead to a better understanding of someone with a different opinion than your own.
  • Content containing glorification of violence is prohibited.The only permissible use of content containing graphic images of violence is when attempting to raise awareness of an issue.
  • Repeated, targeted or abusive language that disrupts the community and is not in keeping with the spirit of the community is prohibited, and may result in banning or muting of a user at the discretion of admins. 

Please know, the Fantasy Life Team strives to foster a supportive, authentic and safe community where all are welcome to their expressions and opinions. Help us foster that community by being respectful to each other. 

The Fantasy Life team reserves the right to ban or mute users at the Fantasy Life team’s discretion for reasons that may not be covered above.

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