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Underdog Fantasy

Best ball competitions are the specialty of UnderDog Fantasy, a daily fantasy sports (DFS) operator best known in the US. Since its inception in July 2020, it has successfully filled the best ball hole left by DRAFT’s exit the year before. UnderDog Fantasy is a great option for fans who dislike the shark-infested waters of daily salary cap competitions or who like season-long fantasy but do not have the time to manage their lineups on a frequent basis.

In addition to best ball games, UnderDog Fantasy runs snake draught competitions and basic pick’em games, with payouts of up to 20x for clients who correctly anticipate player props in a given game. Despite the fact that it is not the best fantasy software for everyone, it focuses its efforts on a few key features that make it a simple pick for certain players. A look at Twitter for best-ball suggestions shows that UnderDog may truly be the most recommended one, at least in some fantasy sports categories.

Deposit Match up to $100

For new customers only

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Deposit Match up to $100


Overall Rating: 4.9/5

Bonuses and promotions: 4.9/5

Banking and payout speed: 4.9/5

Key features: 4.9/5

Security and trust: 4.9/5

Customer support:4.9/5


UnderDog Fantasy isn’t a platform that claims to excel in many things, but what it does do, it does well. It will come as no surprise to former DRAFT players who appreciated the best ball idea to learn that the concept’s creator, Jeremy Levine, is also the brains behind UnderDog Fantasy. A visually appealing UI and a lightweight mobile application combine to create a visually appealing bundle that makes it simple for newcomers and veterans alike to get right to the action.

UnderDog Fantasy Pros & Cons

UnderDog provides a completely different approach to DFS competitions and tournaments. There are several advantages and disadvantages to the method used by this platform.



UnderDog Fantasy Review Summary

There’s a lot of star power behind the UnderDog Fantasy app, with investors like Kevin Durant, Jared Goff, Future, and Steve Aoki all put their money into it. While certain operators are undisputed titans in the DFS space, the UnderDog app has a good chance of succeeding because it takes a different approach than the competition, with a smaller menu of contests and a focus on draughts rather than salary caps. Given the celebrity power behind UnderDog, it’s no surprise that this fantasy sports service has already made significant inroads into the DFS industry. The most appealing aspect of the site is the straightforward approach it takes to fantasy tournaments. In any UnderDog fantasy competition or tournament, both experienced players and newbies should feel comfortable participating.

Website/APP Experience

Its lightweight and practical software are one of UnderDog Fantasy’s most appealing characteristics. Because of its straightforward layout and logical display of information, users will find it to be intuitive. Even customers who are inexperienced with some of the games offered by UnderDog will find it simple to get started. In online conversations, many users compare it to a previous app that offered somewhat similar features, which is a good thing since consumers also loved that app before an industry leader purchased and abandoned it.

With a large portion of that application’s development team now working for UnderDog Fantasy, the UnderDog app seems a lot like a more refined version of that app. Customers may explore the main games lobby after signing up and logging in to see all of the future competitions, which are organized according to type. Users may easily enter competitions by using a simple tab structure that enables them to browse just the games they wish to see.

Deposit Match up to $100
Top Fantasy Sports Tournaments

When users choose a particular contest, the UnderDog Fantasy app shows all of the rules and information applicable to that contest.

Among other things, the app displays how much cut UnderDog is taking out of each contest, among other information. Rake is collected by all of the main fantasy sports operators, but only UnderDog is open about how much it earns. The UnderDog DFS mobile app and desktop website both make it extremely simple to check which competitions are being given and how much it will cost to participate in them. One element of UnderDog Fantasy that users especially like is the opportunity to create a shortlist of players and save them to a “favorites” page. Thus, if you are a supporter of a certain player or club, you will be able to access their props as well as essential information in a single location. Using the UnderDog Fantasy app, which is available for download from the App Store and Google Play, is a breeze. It is quick, elegant, and easy to use. According to the App Store, the UnderDog app has a 4.9-star rating, while the Google Play version has a 4.5-star rating.

Registering/Creating an account

It is simple to open a new UnderDog DFS account. This consists of the four-step procedure outlined below:


If you want to deposit money into your UnderDog Fantasy online account, you have two alternative ways. The first method is via the use of credit/debit cards with the Visa and MasterCard brands. The second alternative is to use PayPal. When financing an online account using this DFS site, you may be assured of a safe transaction. It is also ensured that withdrawal requests to a PayPal account or a bank account are safe and secure.

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods at UnderDog Fantasy

UnderDog Fantasy is a bit light on deposit options, but it does provide the essentials, including:

Customer Service UnderDog has a ‘Contact Support’ button on its main page, which allows users to submit a request to customer support. Questions and complaints may be sent directly to customer support using an email account that has been set up for this purpose. On the site, there is also a ‘Help’ button that opens a pop-up contact form, which may be used to send any queries or complaints. As of right now, UnderDog does not provide customer service through a dedicated toll-free phone number. The ‘Rules & Scoring’ portion of the UnderDog website and UnderDog app, on the other hand, goes into great detail about the game’s rules and scoring.

Deposit Match up to $100
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License, safety & security

UnderDog is a newcomer to the DFS industry. However, because of the high-profile investors who have put their money behind this venture, this website has immediate legitimacy. There is 24-hour assistance available to address any questions or problems you may have. UnderDog also provides a money-back guarantee of up to $100 as an additional measure to ensure customer happiness. Most users have determined that UnderDog is a risk-free and legitimate platform when considering the whole package. It is also licensed by the state’s regulatory body in every state it is operational in.

Rewards & Loyalty Program

Refer-a-Friend Program

Deposit Match up to $100
Top Fantasy Sports Tournaments

Unlike some of its rivals, UnderDog Fantasy isn’t big on marketing, and the app doesn’t even have a promotional tab like most of the others. UnderDog Fantasy has a Twitter account that customers may follow in order to get occasional promotional deals, although the offers are few and far between. UnderDog Fantasy, on the other hand, maintains a straightforward refer-a-friend scheme. Customer referrals are encouraged, and consumers may recommend their friends by urging them to download the app and entering the referrer’s username in the promo section upon signing up. Existing users can earn $10 in site credit for each new user they bring to the platform who deposits at least $10 and plays through the game at least once.

Betting options

Underdog gives users a lot of reasons to keep coming back. It offers a number of contests to engage its customers and increase its value as a legitimate DFS alternative.

Best Ball Competitions

UnderDog Fantasy’s bread and butter is the best ball competition, which is held every week. Others have jumped on the “set it and forget it” bandwagon, but UnderDog Fantasy is the leader in this area of fantasy gaming. Although the best ball idea incorporates the greatest elements of season-long fantasy leagues, it eliminates the necessity for participants to modify their lineups on a weekly basis. After players have selected their rosters, the system retrospectively picks the best-performing athletes from each player’s roster as their starters at the conclusion of each week to award them the greatest possible score for their respective lineups.

Battle Royale Contests 

Fighting for a spot in the Battle Royale Contests is UnderDog Fantasy’s take on daily fantasy football, with single-game and weekly slates available. They begin with brief snake draughts, but once participants have selected their lineups, they operate in the same manner as normal DFS tournaments.

Pick’em Contests

Deposit Match up to $100
Top Fantasy Sports Tournaments

Pick’em competitions, which are the most straightforward in UnderDog Fantasy, can be found under the Pick’em menu and are available in two variations: over/under and Rivals. Paying a fee and making prop-style predictions on individual athletes in exchange for prizes ranging from 2x to 20x are included in both games. Pick’em games, in contrast to traditional fantasy competitions, pit participants against the house. Players may choose up to five athletes from whom to make guesses about their statistics, and they will get payments if they correctly predict all of their statistics.

Rivals Competitions 

When playing a rival’s contest, participants attempt to guess which of two athletes will acquire the greatest total for a certain statistic, rather than making over/under predictions.

Notable features

Whatever it does, it does well, and whatever it cannot do well, it doesn’t do whatsoever. Apart from the options considering sports markets on offer, this theme seems to be applicable all over the platform.

UnderDog Fantasy Sportsbook State Restrictions

Currently, UnderDog Fantasy draught contests are accessible in 41 states, including the Canadian province of Ontario. The following states are not eligible:

As well as in 33 US states, pick’em games are accessible in Canada. Pick’em contests are not available in any of the states mentioned above, nor are they available in the following:

UnderDog Fantasy Current Promotions

You should take full advantage of an Underdog Fantasy coupon code to get access to the welcome promotion for first-time users. When a consumer makes their first deposit into Underdog Fantasy, the company will double that amount up to $100. Keep in mind that you must deposit at least $10 to qualify for the Underdog fantasy bonus, which will double your money if you meet the requirements. For example, a $100 deposit results in a maximum deposit match of $100, and clients are needed to wager through the amount of their bonus money in order to get the bonus funds themselves. There are no further Underdog Fantasy promos running at the moment, but consumers can keep an eye on their Twitter account, where special discounts are occasionally relayed. However, although the Underdog Fantasy sign-up bonus gives new users access to the deposit match offer, there is no additional benefit for just joining up – often known as a no-deposit bonus – as several competitors in the DFS market do.

Deposit Match up to $100
Top Fantasy Sports Tournaments

If anything changes, the platform’s Twitter handle will certainly update accordingly. Additionally, when friends join up using a user’s link, the user receives a referral incentive. The user will get $10 in site credit for each friend who makes a deposit of at least $10 and uses the user’s referral code (given by Underdog Fantasy) when undergoing the registration process. The deposit match is the most prominent Underdog Fantasy offer available at the time of this writing. The Underdog Fantasy code gives access to a bonus that may be worth up to $100 in value. To a certain extent, the bigger the amount of money you deposit, the greater the amount of money you get as a bonus. A $10 investment, which is the very minimum, results in a $10 match from Underdog Fantasy. However, the maximum amount for the deposit match is set at $100.

UnderDog Fantasy Partners

UnderDog Fantasy is a platform that has been built by investments. These have come from celebrities such as musicians and sports icons rather than corporations and companies. Understandably, this platform has way more links and partnerships with celebrities so to get much more exposure and reach out to many more potential customers. This is a method that appears to be working, as UnderDog Fantasy seems to be increasing in magnitude with the passage of time.

UnderDog Fantasy Betting Markets

Underdog Fantasy only offers draughts for the four major sports leagues, which are the NFL, NBA, NHL, and Major League Baseball. This is a drawback that is attached to what is otherwise a very decent platform. However, the majority of the gamers, especially novices, will have no problem and will see the markets offered as more than enough. However, for pick’em, a considerably broader range of Underdog sports are featured. This is a positive aspect, as many users come to DFS platforms for an enjoyable pick’em experience.

Underdog FAQs

It operates in many US states. However, the accurate data depends on which games you wish to play. The full list can be consulted above.

No. This is a DFS platform fully dedicated to offering DFS services only, no casino products.

The 100% deposit match bonus for new customers seems to be the one most consumers prefer. However, it is worth noting that there aren’t any bonuses to choose from.

Yes. Considering that you can access the banking methods offered by the platform, withdrawing funds should be a breeze.

The minimum age required for playing on UnderDog Fantasy is 18 years.

Yes. It is a 100% legal and legitimate platform that allows users to win real money and take it out.

There are two payment methods accessible, PayPal and eCheck. These are both fast and secure

eChecks and PayPal are integrated into the platform for payouts. These methods are fast as well as very secure and popular.

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