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SuperDraft Promo Code - Review and Bonus Offer

How SuperDraft works?

SuperDraft offers multiple different types of game modes based around daily fantasy. SuperDraft has salary cap game similar to DraftKings and FanDuel, but also a multiplier game mode that sets them apart. SuperDraft also offers a wide variety of sports to participate in. In addition to the NFL, SuperDraft also offers NBA, MLB, NHL, Golf, NASCAR, MMA, and more.

How do Multiplier Games work?

Multiplier game modes are simple, instead of assigning a salary cap to a player, each player is provided a multiplier number. After each game, players fantasy points total gets multiplied by the number assigned. So a Quarterback like Justin Fields would likely have a higher number than Matthew Stafford to even out the playing field.

How do Salary Cap Games work?

Salary Cap games should sound familiar if you have played DFS before. You are given a hypothetical budget and players are assigned a hypothetical salary based on their performance. The goal of the game is to set the best possible lineup while staying under the hypothetical salary cap.

How do Player Props work?

First, select the sport you’d like to choose player props for, then select the stat that you’d like to track. From there, select two or more players from two or more teams and select if you think they will go over or under the selected stat total. The more props you select, the higher the potential payout will increase. For two players the payout it 2x. For three players the payout is 6x. For four players the payout is 10x. And for 5 players the payout is 20x.

Brief History of SuperDraft

SuperDraft officially launched in the Spring of 2019. SuperDraft was developed and launched with the goal of delivering winning experiences to all sports fans. In January of 2021, Caesars Entertainment made a significant investment in SuperDraft and a few months later the SuperDraft Free Sportsbook app was launched.

How do I get started with SuperDraft?

Easy. Click HERE to get started with SuperDraft and you’ll get a free deposit match bonus up to $100 on your initial deposit. Once signed up, you will be able to enter in daily contests as well as set daily lineups for each sport. Superdraft now offers subscription plans as well with varying levels of rewards and bonuses for each program. The “SuperPass” plans range from Free to $100 with levels for every type of sports fan.

Welcome Bonus at SuperDraft

SuperDraft offers a competitive initial deposit bonus to most DFS site. Sign-up using the link above and you get a free deposit match bonus up to $100 on your initial deposit. The SuperDraft initial deposit bonus is a competitive offer to most DFS sites and the added tie in with Caesars Rewards makes it that much more enticing. The bonus does trail both FanDuel and DraftKings however in terms of overall bonus dollars.

How do I use a SuperDraft DFS Promo Code?

New users can sign up with SuperDraft using the link HERE, and before the “sign-up” button after filling out your information, click the “Have a promo code” option and enter your code. Be sure to check your email as well as social media for any new promo code offer from SuperDraft for contests based around all the big games such as the kickoff to the NFL season, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Final and more. Using a SuperDraft promo code offer is a great way to enter contests or SuperDraft Daily Fantasy contests with limited risk.

SuperDraft Rewards Program

SuperDraft offers “Reward Points” (RP), and you can earn rewards points from your contest activity and are rewarded based on your experience in the sports that you have entered contests in. You will earn 2 Reward Points for every dollar entered into a contests as well as bonus rewards for leveling up in the ranks of each sport. Your total RP is located in your account profile in the account section in addition to the ticket store.

What is a Sport Ranking?

SuperDraft has a unique Sports Ranking system that has been designed for each sport to reward users not only their success in each sport, but also for being a regular participant. The more that you improve in your own individual Sport Ranks in each sport, the more Reward Points you will earn. SuperDraft daily fantasy players can compete easily on level playing fields with people of similar Sports Ranks or you can take your chances against someone who owns a higher Sports Rank for a chance at winning bigger rewards.

What are Tickets?

Tickets offer free entry into a paid contest of with an entry fee of equal value. Ticket valuation must match up exactly with the entry fee of a contest. Tickets cannot be withdrawn from an account, but if you enter a contest using a ticket, any winnings from that contest are paid out in real, withdrawable cash.

What is SuperCash

SuperCash is currency that can be used to cover the entry fee for a given contest up to the cash-equivalent value. For example, if you have $10 in SuperCash, you are able to enter a contest with a $10 fee, or two contests with $5 entry fees for each. SuperCash gives you the same free entry ability as Tickets with the flexibility of cash. SuperCash also directly affects the balance of your account when it is available.

What are Daily Rewards in the Fantasy App?

Each day when you log into the SuperDraft app, you will be rewarded with a free spin of the Daily Rewards Wheel. To take advantage of your free daily rewards, just click “Free daily reward spin now” on the Home or Featured page. If you have already claimed your daily reward, you will see a timer counting down to when you will be able to claim a free spin of the rewards wheel again. On the daily rewards wheel, there are three types of rewards you can win: 1) Rewards points which you can exchange for tickets. 2) Tickets that have preset values and can be used to enter SuperDraft contests. 3) SuperCash that can also be used to enter SuperDraft contests.

Caesars Rewards with SuperDraft

In January of 2021, Caesars Entertainment made a significant investment and became a stakeholder of SuperDraft. SuperDraft users are now eligible for the Caesars Rewards program, meaning they can earn credit to bet online or at Caesars casino locations.

What’s different about SuperDraft?

What sets SuperDraft apart from most Daily Fantasy sites is their “multiplier” game option. Instead of regular salary cap games you find on most DFS sites, the multiplier game mode assigns a number to every player, and at the end of their game the fantasy point total they record will be multiplied by the number assigned to them. So players are rewarded for taking chances on players with higher multiplier numbers. Multiplier mode and player props are a great change of pace for DFS players looking for a change of pace from the usual Salary Cap games, though SuperDraft does offer those on the same platform as well.

SuperDraft DFS Mobile App

In addition to offering contests through their desktop site, there is a SuperDraft mobile app available as well. It’s easy to get started, just head to the App Store or Google Play store to search for and download the app. Once downloaded, either sign up or login to get started. Once there you will be directed to their “Featured” page which will highlight the biggest upcoming contests soon to be taking place on the app. You are also able to sort contests and lineups by sport easily at the top of the app.

Yes, SuperDraft is legal. Daily Fantasy Sports are considered a game of skill and are legal in most of the United States and in Canada. Rules vary based on state in terms of ability to participate in player props in Professional leagues and College leagues.

SuperDraft is offered in several states across the United States as well as all territories across Canada. Be sure to keep up with sports betting news to see if any new states become eligible.

In the United States, it is offered in: AK, AR, CA, CO, CT, DC, FL, GA, IL, KS, KY, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MS, NC, ND, NE, NH, NM, NY, OH, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT, VA, VT, WI, WV, and WY.

SuperDraft is NOT offered if you are in: AR, AZ, CO, CT, DE, HI, IA, ID, IN, LA, MD, MO, MT, NV, NH, NJ, NM, OH, PA, TN, WA.

The required age to play on SuperDraft for adult users is 18 is most states and territories. For SuperDraft players in Nebraska, it is 19+ and Iowa, Mississippi, and Massachusetts where all DFS players must be 21 years old or older.

In 2021, SuperDraft received a significant investment from Caesars Entertainment securing its place as a legitimate Daily Fantasy Sports operator.

A withdrawal from your SuperDraft Account can be made at any time by visiting the SuperDraft Withdrawals page. Withdrawals on SuperDraft are begun immediately after the request has taken place. Most withdrawals take anywhere from 1 to 8 business days. Contest winnings can be sent to a users bank account using ACH or via eCheck.

The minimum amount for an in-app or on-site withdrawal is $10. If you wish to withdraw an amount smaller than that, you can contact the SuperDraft customer support team.

In the United States, if your SuperDraft winnings (excluding your initial deposits) exceed more than $600.00 USD in your personal, financial year, you are required to report it in your annual earnings to the IRS. In order to help simplify this process, SuperDraft will send US residents via email who have won more than this amount a 1099 Tax Form, in order to aid in your yearly filing.

If you are a registered SuperDraft user receiving winnings outside of the United States, please be sure to check your local tax laws.

Players will be able to wager on SuperDraft using the SuperCoin currency. SuperCoin can be replenished when bankroll runs out. Users who earn enough SuperCoin will be eligible to redeem it for prizes. Prizes include things such as electronics, gift cards, and Caesars Rewards.

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