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SuperDraft DFS

SuperDraft is an up-and-coming daily fantasy platform developed by Caesars Sportsbook. It offers regular salary-cap competitions and innovative formats that level the playing field for players of all abilities and experience. For casual fans, the most notable of SuperDraft game types are multiplier competitions. These games scrap the salary limit in favor of contests that are quicker, easier, and more winnable than traditional fantasy league contests. In a nutshell, multiplier tournaments allow participants to recruit athletes who each have a unique score multiplier, making every decision a potentially game-changing choice.

SuperDraft Pros & Cons

SuperDraft, while not being one of the top-tier players in the sports betting and DFS industry, still has a respectable following and a customer base that is demanding. Therefore, like all other popular DFS operators, it has to experiment and innovate with what it offers to its customers.

This innovation, experimentation, and trial are important for the industry to grow, but it has the by-product of some not-so-popular features existing on a platform. Therefore, it is no surprise to say that, like all other popular DFS operators, there are some pros as well as some cons attached to using SuperDraft as your preferred DFS site.



SuperDraft Review Summary

The popularity of SuperDraft has grown rapidly since its inception in 2019 as a result of its unique game styles and relatively big guaranteed prize pools. The year 2021 was the year when SuperDraft officially established itself as a credible daily fantasy sports operator, thanks to a large investment from Caesars Entertainment in return for ownership and integration into Caesars’ online gaming business.

The no-salary multiplier competitions offered by SuperDraft are particularly appealing since they level the playing field for recreational players while still rewarding clever decision-making on their part. Although other prominent daily fantasy sports sites continue to blast SuperDraft out of the water in terms of prize money on offer, SuperDraft should be on the radar of every DFS player. Players searching for something different may participate in regular salary cap games and Champion Mode competitions. These are held in addition to multiplier contests on SuperDraft Fantasy.

Essentially, the software functions as a consumer referral engine for new customers. According to CEO Steve Wang, it will discover potential new customers for SuperDraft’s paid fantasy games in places where sports betting is not permitted. The service will be used to send prospective real-money bettors to Caesars in jurisdictions where sports betting is permitted by law. In addition, Caesars Rewards, like vacation packages, dining experiences and golf trips, will be included in the app’s awards, allowing Caesars to directly incorporate itself with the program more.

Website/APP Experience

It is possible to get the SuperDraft mobile application for iOS and Android devices by going to the app store and searching for it by name. A simplistic layout makes it easy to get started with the SuperDraft app, which displays a selection of prominent events on the homepage as well as choices to browse all contests for a particular sport. Because of the strategic use of labeled navigation menus and user flow, the SuperDraft app can offer users a substantial quantity of information without causing them to experience sensory overload.

From the site, for example, participants may quickly pick a contest to participate in, and then check the statistics of individual athletes while choosing their lineups. To put it another way, SuperDraft gives information to players when they need it without cluttering up every single page. It is possible to make deposits, join competitions, add friends, study strategies, seek advice, and do a variety of other things using the app. The SuperDraft app is not very innovative in terms of design or functionality. Still, it is quite effective at what it is intended to do: assist users in joining competitions and participating in daily fantasy sports.

Registering/Creating an account 

With the intense level of competition that the sports betting industry has, thanks to an ever-demanding audience and an increasing number of sportsbook and DFS operators, more and more operators place a strong emphasis on customer convenience and ease of use. The operators continuously try to introduce features that make the customers’ experience smooth. Operators are so intent on new customers coming to their platforms that they make the process of signing up simple. This is the case with SuperDraft:

There you go. You are signed up at the betting site by following these few simple steps.

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods at SuperDraft 

Users of SuperDraft may finance their accounts with credit cards and debit cards from the Visa, MasterCard, and Discover brands. When compared to other fantasy sites that allow PayPal, ACH transfers, and cash through PayNearMe, the absence of alternative deposit options is a significant shortcoming. Player withdrawals are available by ACH and eCheck. The SuperDraft platform dictates a $10 minimum withdrawal amount per transaction.

Customer Service 

Customer service at SuperDraft is somewhat lacking, especially when one compares it to other popular DFS operators such as Caesars. At this operator, you can only access customer support via a form to fill on the website. When you fill out that form and send your query, a customer service representative will contact you quickly. The customer service team is usually knowledgeable, helpful and efficient in their dealings.

License, safety & security 

SuperDraft is not subject to the same regulations as sportsbooks are, which tend to be much more rigorous. However, DFS platforms are still relegated to the control of the states. SuperDraft is a legal and licensed DFS operator in the US, and it has only launched in states in which DFS is legalized. For example, SuperDraft has obtained its DFS licenses to operate in New Jersey by the New Jersey Gaming Control Board, and in Louisiana by the Louisiana Gaming Commission.

Rewards & Loyalty Program 

SuperDraft offers a points-based loyalty program that pays players for participating in the game regularly and for winning. As players participate in competitions, they receive reward points that allow them to advance via a ranking system that allows them to earn further rewards points while also ensuring that they fight against opponents that are in a comparable position to them. In addition, participants may check in to the SuperDraft app once a day to spin the rewards wheel. This gives them a chance to earn reward points, contest entry tickets, and site credits by spinning the wheel.

Betting options 

The SuperDraft engine is humming with activity, with contests that are one of a kind and one of the very few free-play sportsbooks among the highlights. SuperDraft offers three different sorts of fantasy challenges, starting with the most fundamental:

  • Multiplier: Using a multiplier, you may draft players without being restricted by a salary cap; each athlete is awarded a points multiplier decided by SuperDraft
  • Champion Mode: Create five-athlete combinations consisting of four FLEX athletes and one Champion athlete, who will gain a 50 percent bonus on top of their multiplier if they perform well.
  • Salary Cap: Draft lineups with a salary cap of $80,000.
  • Super 15: Create 5-player lineups with a virtual pay of $15 for each player.

Additional varieties of each contest type are available at SuperDraft:

  • Tournaments: The largest prizes are awarded in tournaments, with certain GPPs promising up to $25,000 to the first-place finisher in some of the larger tournaments.
  • Head-to-Head: In this mode, players battle against a single opponent to choose a victor.
  • Boosters: Players compete to win a multiple of their entrance fee, such as in double-up events, which pay out twice as much.
  • Satellites: A satellite contest is a contest that provides free entry into a costlier competition. Beginners Only: Participants in Beginners Only tournaments must have entered less than 500 contests or have earned less than $2,500 over six or more competitions to be eligible to participate.
  • Freerolls: Playing in freeroll events allows players to hone their abilities and get familiar with the SuperDraft interface without having to spend any money.

Limits, odds, and tournaments available 

In order to improve their product offerings and discover potential players, established sports betting operators are increasingly turning to fantasy enterprises. Interestingly, on the same day that Caesars announced its investment in SuperDraft, a deal that includes an option for the company to increase its stake to 100 percent over time, Bally’s announced that it had purchased another fantasy site, Monkey Knife Fight, in an all-stock deal valued at $90 million.

Due to the fact that fantasy games are permitted in a far greater number of jurisdictions than legal sports betting, SuperDraft can reach sports enthusiasts in states such as Texas, California, and Florida. At the same time, Caesars’ sportsbook remains on the sidelines. SuperDraft is available in 35+ states, while Caesars and William Hill are only available in 15+ states. Earlier in 2021, SuperDraft, which has over 110,000 registered members, began developing a free betting application.

A few years ago, the business hoped to create an online sportsbook that could gain a dedicated following and ultimately transition into a real-money sportsbook if SuperDraft obtained regulatory approval. While that option is still on the table, the CEO of SuperDraft believes the number of sportsbooks currently in operation—as well as the amount of money required to compete with them—will force the company to rethink its strategy. In addition, the investment from Caesars is a little new news.

Caesars has made a significant investment in SuperDraft to assist it in growing its client base. The mission is to advertise their daily fantasy sports product and ideally gain new customers via some form of sports betting app. The free sportsbook, which will operate independently of SuperDraft’s fantasy software, was built in collaboration with Sportnco, a French company. Using a virtual currency called SuperCoin, players are able to “wager” on all major sports in the United States.

Users who accumulate a sufficient amount of SuperCoins will be able to exchange them for prizes like gift cards, gadgets, and Caesars Rewards. Multiplier competitions are SuperDraft’s most distinctive addition to daily fantasy sports, and they are designed to be simple and to level the playing field for all participants. Multiplier games, in contrast to traditional daily fantasy tournaments, do not have a wage ceiling. This implies that players may assemble a squad composed of the top athletes in the league. However, the catch is that each athlete is assigned a predefined score multiplier.

For example, the top quarterbacks in the NFL may not have any multipliers at all. Fantasy football players who choose elite quarterbacks often depend on them to have huge games and build up fantasy points in an old-fashioned manner. On the other hand, quarterbacks who are considered less elite may get 1.5x or even 2x point multipliers. The variable multipliers provide a layer of strategy that is not present in traditional salary cap competitions.

As a result of the implementation of scoring multipliers, players must weigh the trade-offs between picking high-quality athletes and less consistent athletes who may have breakthrough performances aided by score multipliers. Champion Mode is a form of multiplier event in which five athletes are chosen from a pool of 24. Four of the players are FLEX players who may play in any position, and one of them is a Champion who receives an extra 50% on top of their multiplier. Salary cap competitions provide participants $80,000 to pick lineups that include players who must fill particular roles in order to win the challenge (such as a quarterback). SuperDraft conducts fewer salary cap competitions than any other game type, with most salary cap contests having small prize pools.

Notable features 

DFS sites, especially all the popular ones, are similar to each other. However, SuperDraft is an operator that is known for its unique approach to daily fantasy sports. It has an interface that is interactive, although not the best in a class by any means. The application is available on both Android and iOS platforms. These features make SuperDraft a well-rounded, quality platform.

SuperDraft Sportsbook 

In addition to fantasy sports, SuperDraft offers a free-to-play sportsbook based on SuperCoins, which users may earn by signing in every day and turning the rewards wheel. Despite the fact that players are not putting their own money at risk, they may still win genuine prizes including trips, in-person experiences at Caesars Entertainment facilities, gadgets, gift cards, and more.

The SuperDraft Sportsbook allows users to get a taste of sports betting while also competing for real-world rewards without having to risk their own money. In addition, since it does not entail placing classical sports bets, SuperDraft Sportsbook is allowed in jurisdictions where full-fledged sports betting has not been approved. SuperDraft Sportsbook seems and performs just like real-money online sports betting applications in all other respects. Players may earn up to 1,000 SuperCoins every day and use them to wager on a variety of sports leagues, including the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and others. Point spreads, totals, moneyline, in-play betting, and a variety of player props are among the wagering options available.

SuperDraft Sportsbook State Restrictions

SuperDraft is a somewhat popular DFS platform in the US. It being a DFS platform means that it is not subject to the much-strict regulations and laws that sports betting platforms are. Therefore, it is accessible in several US states, many more than an average sportsbook is. SuperDraft is accessible in many US states, thanks to its expansive approach. Sports fans in the following states are eligible to participate in SuperDraft tournaments for real money:

SuperDraft Current Promotions

With a 50% initial deposit-match offer worth up to $500 in site credit, SuperDraft extends a warm welcome to new players. That implies that when a new user registers and delivers a deposit of $500 earns $250 in SuperCash, which can be used to join paid competitions.

Despite the fact that the SuperDraft bonus is one of the largest in daily fantasy, it comes with a steep 25x rollover requirement, is not withdrawable, and is only released when players participate in paid events. After new customers take advantage of the introductory offer, SuperCash transfers an additional 50% of their bonus funds into their pending bonus accounts. As participants participate in paid competitions, SuperCash rewards them with $1 in SuperCash for every $25 in entry fees they spend.

Customers who sign up for SuperDraft with a promo code will get a free $5 game as a thank you. Clients may use the SuperDraft promo code on the registration page to participate in a contest with no financial risk.

SuperDraft Partners

SuperDraft is a DFS platform that has a respectable size of customer audience. This means that it has to form strategic partnerships with brands and companies in the sports betting sector. Firstly, the biggest partnership SuperDraft has is obviously with Caesars Sportsbook, which has significant ownership in the company. Additionally, it also has partnerships with Poker Go and Big3, the 3-on-3 basketball league founded by Ice Cube.

SuperDraft Betting Markets

All major and popular DFS platforms in the US provide a wide array of integrated betting markets to users. This acts as an incentive for players to join in. More betting markets mean more and more players feel that the platform is suited to their needs. However, SuperDraft is by no means a top-rated DFS platform in the US, and neither does it offer as many betting markets on offer as the more successful and elite platforms. SuperDraft provides fantasy tournaments for the following sports:

It covers the following sports leagues and tournaments:  

SuperDraft is a DFS site and is not subject to the much-stricter guidelines that sportsbooks must follow. Therefore, it is available in many states, with the exact number being above 35.

No. SuperDraft is a DFS platform that is fully dedicated to offering DFS contests. However, its majority-partner, Caesars, runs one of the US’s best online casinos.

There aren’t many bonuses that this operator offers. However, its main one, which is a 50% deposit match bonus, is nevertheless very decent, especially with the moderate rollover requirement.

SuperDraft certainly lacks in banking methods on offer, but if you have access to the two primary withdrawal methods on offer, you will have no problem, as they are both fast and safe.

Anyone 18 years of age or above can legally place DFS wagers on this platform.

Yes. SuperDraft is a fully licensed and legal DFS operator that pays out winnings in real money.

There are only two withdrawal methods available, ACH and check. These are both secure, but they are not as fast as others, such as PayPal.

Customers can take out their winnings by two methods only. These are via ACH and e-checks.

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