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A daily fantasy sports operator that differs from its prominent rivals in its approach to DFS, Prize Picks stands in a different niche – and stands out because of it. PrizePicks’ competitions are significantly easier and played against the house, whereas standard DFS services offer games that entail constructing fantasy lineups and competing with other active, public players for points.

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Deposit Match up to $100


Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Bonuses and promotions: 4/5

Banking and payout speed: 4/5

Key features: 4.5/5

Security and trust: 4/5

Customer support: 4/5


Table of Contents

In a PrizePicks event, participants choose athletes and make over/under predictions on individual performance, stats or fantasy totals for a chance to win up to 15 times their entry fee. PrizePicks is a daily fantasy site with a stronger sports betting vibe. is an appealing option for fans 18 and over who reside in places where sports betting is not permitted. In a typical PrizePicks, two to five players must project whether actual fantasy or statistical totals will be higher or lower than bookmaker lines on those totals, and then wait for the associated event to play out.

  • The purpose isn’t to develop a high-scoring fantasy squad, but to get correct over/under predictions.
  • Players do not compete against one another; instead, they win money by correctly predicting outcomes against the house.
  • PrizePicks is all about ease of use; gamers can sign up, make their choices in under 60 seconds, and relax while watching the game. PrizePicks does not need hours of study or competition against highly talented players who enter hundreds of well-crafted lineups.

Although the PrizePicks idea is easy enough for everyone to pick up and play, knowledgeable sports fans may still utilize their expertise to win big money.

PrizePicks Pros & Cons

PrizePicks is a great place to start if you want to introduce someone to daily fantasy sports. The organization has done an outstanding job of taking a well-loved format and streamlining it to appeal to a new audience. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The games are simple to play and suitable for beginners. They take a lot less time and money to set up than other prominent DFS sites.
  • Overall, both the site and the app are well-designed. The simplified gameplay choices are ideally matched to the minimalist design.
  • Without strictly coming within the realm of legal sports betting, the PrizePicks model is the closest you can go to it. The games effectively enable you to place Over/Under bets and parlays. It’s also a great choice in places where wagering on sports isn’t permitted.
  • PrizePicks is presently accessible in over half of the United States, with further accessibility projected in the future. For the time being, it is much more accessible than, say, all the major sports betting sites.
  • Both the welcome bonus and the ‘Refer a Friend’ promotion are excellent — straightforward and useful rewards that are simple to claim and accessible to anyone.

PrizePicks Could Improve a Few Things 

  • PrizePicks is a somewhat more complex and complicated version of sports betting by its very nature. Players with prior DFS experience may miss the larger selection of games available at other sites, while also feeling they have progressed beyond the games available at PrizePicks.
  • Any money that comes into your PrizePicks account – whether as a bonus or via your contribution – must be turned over 1x before you can request a withdrawal. This is something consumers want to see altered; it’s your money, after all, and you should be able to access it.
  • There is certainly some room for improvement in terms of overall customer service. A separate Help section, as well as extra information in the FAQs, would be beneficial. However, the live chat assistance is excellent.
  • The bet size restrictions are a tad tight, and the high roller makes them lose value.

PrizePicks Review Summary

PrizePicks is a reputable daily fantasy service run by Atlanta-based Performance Predictions. Adam Wexler, who also serves on the board of directors for the Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association, created Performance Predictions in 2015. It has a slew of high-profile backers, including poker legend Phil Helmuth. PrizePicks has also worked with well-known sports teams, including the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta Braves.

The majority of user evaluations on the internet are good, and the majority of the players claim to have been paid on time. Prize Picks also obtains substantial quantities of money from investors regularly and is widely recognized as a well-managed company. In summary, PrizePicks is a reputable company with a proven track record, and newbies in the realm of DFS should consider signing up for it.

Website/APP Experience

The whole PrizePicks business concept is based on simplicity, which extends to the mobile app as well. PrizePicks built the interface to help participants through each game step by step, so users should have no problem browsing the app and entering their first contest.

After signing in, the PrizePicks app displays a list of athletes set to compete in future games from different sports leagues, which gets gamers started right away. Customers may then sort players by sport (MLB, MMA, MLS, and many more) and add choices as needed using easy filters located towards the top of the page.

Players may use the “go” button after selecting 2-5 choices to place over/under bets on each athlete’s predicted statistical or fantasy point total. Users then choose a game type (such as flex play or power play) and an amount to wager.

The PrizePicks app displays how much money consumers are risking on each event, as well as the possible winnings for obtaining two, three, four, or five accurate predictions. Before paying their entrance fees, players confirm their buying and payout potential, so they always know how much is at stake and how much they may win. Players may follow the PrizePicks app for live score statistics and updates after joining competitions.

PrizePicks is fully available on your iOS or Android smartphone. PrizePicks is also available for desktop users to play online via the website.

Registering/Creating an account 

PrizePicks has a very easy sign-up process. In reality, you just need to fill out one screen with basic information. To get started, click the “Sign Up” button. You’ll need to provide the following details:

There is also a separate option for a referral code, which you may utilize to get access to new account advantages. By clicking “Create Account,” you acknowledge that you have read and accepted PrizePicks’ terms and conditions, as well as its privacy policy. You’re good to go after that.

DFS platforms like to make it as simple as possible to sign up for an account and begin playing. PrizePicks is reputed for its simplicity and minimalism, so it’s no surprise that joining is simple. Remember that you may establish an account from anywhere, but you must be in one of the legal states to play at PrizePicks.


Every major betting and gambling platform, at least those in the US, is expected to offer safe and quick payment methods to consumers. Naturally, one expects to see PrizePicks offer fast and safe payment methods as well. While it may only offer a limited array of banking methods, the ones it does are certainly some of the best in class, both in terms of safety and speed.

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods at PrizePicks

Deposit Options for Funding Your Account

PrizePicks prefers to keep things simple, and this is certainly true when it comes to the site’s accessible financial choices. There are just two deposit options, and this is an area where PrizePicks will most certainly need to expand if it wants to become a leader in the market.

At PrizePicks, the banking procedure is incredibly safe and secure, and most of these banking methods will put funds into your account relatively immediately. This will enable you to get right into the game and convert your payment into a good profit. The good news is that each of these deposit choices is also accessible on the mobile app so that you may complete the procedure entirely on your phone.

You will be able to fund your PayPal account using a credit or debit card. PayPal is a reputable e-wallet solution that accepts all major credit cards. To complete this procedure, you will only need to connect your PayPal account to your PrizePicks account. After you’ve connected these two accounts, you’ll be able to fund your account in a matter of minutes.

Another alternative is to use an e-check, although this might take up to five days for the cash to appear in your account. Using PayPal is the ideal option if you want your cash to be accessible immediately. For each of the deposit choices stated above, a minimum deposit of $20 is needed.

Options for Withdrawal

Withdrawal possibilities are quite restricted, just as with deposit alternatives. Most online betting sites have several withdrawal alternatives; however, PrizePicks has fewer than other sites. The same deposit choices that are available at PrizePicks are also accessible for withdrawal. 

You’ll also need to accumulate some funds before you can withdraw money from your PrizePicks account since the service requires a minimum withdrawal of $30. This requirement exists so that the operator does not have to deal with a large number of withdrawal requests at once. 

PayPal is the most convenient means of withdrawal. With a PayPal withdrawal, money may be delivered to your account in minutes. 

An echeck is the other withdrawal method available at PrizePicks, although this procedure may take up to a week to complete. You’ll get an e-check to the email address you gave when you signed up, and you’ll be able to cash it out and do anything you want with your winnings.

PrizePicks’ withdrawal procedure is safe and secure, as well as simple and quick. Some consumers would want to have additional withdrawal alternatives accessible, and such may be introduced later.

Customer Service

The assistance available at PrizePicks is decent, with a few flaws that one may believe should be addressed. First and foremost, there is an always-available live chat support option that puts you in direct touch with a representative. This has always been the favorite method for most consumers to obtain speedy replies, so it’s encouraging to see.

You may also contact them by email, which you can do by filling out the Contact Us form or just emailing There is currently no phone support, which would be a welcome feature.

PrizePicks also features a FAQs area; however, it may need an update. For example, until you begin the process of conducting a transaction, there is minimal information concerning deposits and withdrawals. 

The FAQs are also located in an odd location near the score information in the main section of the site. Many consumers would like to see a separate Help area with all of the support material in one place, as well as some updated FAQs.

License, safety & security 

PrizePicks has a very good track record when it comes to security. The firm, situated in Atlanta, launched in 2019. It is entirely compliant with local legislative authorities in every state where it is offered.

DFS  legality varies by state, and PrizePicks only runs in places where it is permitted. In addition, the firm is a member of the FSGA (Fantasy Sports and Gaming Authority).

Consumers have minimal insecurities regarding PrizePicks’ data collection practices or the security of their payment methods. Accepting payments from trusted and regulated processors such as PayPal is always a positive indicator, and the site’s whole database is SSL secured. In general, consumers are pleased with the security and privacy offered by PrizePicks.

Rewards & Loyalty Program 

Refer-a-Friend Program at PrizePicks

Players who think PrizePicks is worth recommending to their friends are eligible to get $25 in promotional cash for each friend they refer. This is a fantastic method for gamers to get more value out of their practice.

Users may view their unique referral code by logging onto their PrizePicks accounts, opening the user menu, and selecting “invite friends.” Users may then share their referral code with others to start earning money by introducing their friends. However, it is a condition that the friend “must” sign up.

Betting options

PrizePicks has two sorts of contests. Each has different awards based on how many athletes contribute to the slate.

Flex Play

Flex Play provides players comparatively smaller payouts if all the legs of a parlay get hit, but also some rewards as a safety net in the case they miss some predictions at the expense of lower maximum payouts.

Power Play

Power Play competitions provide higher payments in exchange for no safety prizes. Players either earn a reward if they get all of their predictions right, or they don’t earn anything at all.

PrizePicks Sportsbook State Restrictions

Daily Fantasy Sports is something of a controversial topic in the US. It is legal in some states in the US, but not in others. Therefore, a legal and legit site like PrizePicks needs to comply with regulations in the states that have legalized DFS to maintain its license.

PrizePicks allows consumers from the following states and requires that all players be at least 18 years old to play online. Customers who do not live in one of the following states are restricted from making deposits and withdrawals at PrizePicks.

PrizePicks Current Promotions

Using the PrizePicks Referral Code, you may get a 100% bonus of up to $100. All new users at PrizePicks are eligible for a 100% deposit bonus of up to $100. A new player who makes a $25 initial deposit, for example, will earn a $25 bonus, but a new player who deposits $100 or more will receive $100 in bonus cash.

The most essential thing to remember is that promo dollars cannot be withdrawn. They can only be used to enter competitions and enjoy themselves on the gaming site.

PrizePicks Partners

It has gotten immensely popular for sports betting and gambling companies to partner up with sports teams and other entities in the sporting industry. This gives the betting platforms more exposure and following, as well as validation.

It should come as absolutely no surprise that PrizePicks also has several high-profile partnerships. It is safe to assume that these sponsors and partnerships provided it with many new consumers for its product.

PrizePicks Betting Markets

PrizePicks prefers to keep things simple, with just two major games available on the site. These are flex bets and power play. These two games still have a lot of diverse possibilities, but there are just two play styles to pick from. 

The website does provide competitions for a variety of athletic events, including all of the most prominent sports. PrizePicks offers a variety of intriguing activities, including truck racing, League of Legends, and CS: GO.

The two primary games available at PrizePicks are quite similar, with the payoff amounts being the main variation. Both games ask you to choose between an over/under on specific metrics, which eliminates part of the decision-making. 

PrizePicks competitions are not limited to a single sport as they are on typical fantasy sites. In addition, users may mix and match sports when establishing tournaments. 

It operates in several US states. This is a very impressive feature of PrizePicks, as it is available in nearly half of the US.

No. PrizePicks is a dedicated DFS site that is focused on delivering a great DFS betting experience. Therefore, it does not offer any casino games.

There are several decent bonus and promo methods offered by PrizePicks. However, the best one is the $100 deposit bonus, which is the best in terms of value.

Yes. Withdrawals from PrizePicks are usually processed quickly. Some gamers have claimed to get money within minutes after requesting withdrawals through PayPal. Others have experienced obtaining ACH withdrawal permission within 24 hours and receiving their funds a few days later.

As PrizePicks is not a sportsbook, it means that this platform is not subject to all the strict regulations and conditions that sportsbooks have to comply with. However, the age limit is a very broad concept applicable to many different industries, as is the same with PrizePicks. It has a minimum age requirement of 18 years, which applies to all the states it has been legalized in.

Yes. It is a legitimate and licensed site that pays out real money. It is also integrated with independent regulators that make sure all their games and tournaments are completely fair.

Signing in, hitting the “withdraw” button, selecting the amount to withdraw, and a withdrawal method are all steps players must go through to withdraw their winnings. PrizePicks now processes withdrawal by several safe methods.

Physical checks will be processed within 14 business days; however, eCheck and bank transfers will take 2-5 business days. PayPal, on the other hand, pays relatively immediately.

Deposit Match up to $100

For new customers only

Intro Promo

Deposit Match up to $100


Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Bonuses and promotions: 4/5

Banking and payout speed: 4/5

Key features: 4.5/5

Security and trust: 4/5

Customer support: 4/5